Let the fun begin! (37M)

Last week's down week ended up coming at the PERFECT time - Lots of travel, lots of long work days, lots of stress, and, unfortunately, some new foot pain. But God is good and I'm trusting that things will be back to normal this week! :)

Tuesday night is our first team practice and I'm looking forward to a chance to train with a group again! I'm going to do my best to listen to my body and be smart about when to push things and when to save up for another day! Hope everyone enjoys their week!

Sunday, June 10th
7M run at White Rock Lake + light core work
COMMENTS: Only slight pain in my foot today and, as usual, it stopped after the first 15' or so. I ran the first 3.5 with Jake, Pauley, Zach, and Matt, then turned back around to finish my run on the last portion of the DRC Half course. Very good run today in terms of finishing hard; average paces per mile: 8:07, 7:31, 7:15, 7:20, 6:55, 6:59, 7:09 (first part of last mile), 5:42 (last 1/2 mile).

Monday, June 11th
5M run on the trails
COMMENTS: Not a bad run at all except for the nasty spiders I kept hitting! :) I ran by myself for almost the entire run, which was nice because I could go my own pace. Still aches in my foot, but nothing un-runnable.

Tuesday, June 12th
6M run + 8 x 200/200 float
COMMENTS: First practice with the GTTC ladies!!! Yay! We ran 4M around Grand Prairie, then did the 8 x 200's progressively getting faster with a float recovery. Total time for the 2 miles was 13:24 with 200's of 42, 42, 40, 40, 38, 38, 36, 36. Pretty good pain in my foot again - Icing and meds!
***Saw my podiatrist today, I have peroneal tendonitis so I'm supposed to stay off hills, ease up on my running (nothing fast), and stay on level surfaces. He also prescribed Naprelan (NSAID) and an anti-inflamotory cream to put on it. Time to start praying! We're giving it two weeks and if the pain isn't better then he'll do an injection and I'll have to stop running a few weeks. :/

Wednesday, June 13th
rehab (rest) day

Thursday, June 14th
56' run through the neighborhood
COMMENTS: My foot was more sore on this run than it was this time last week, but I'm only 1 dose into my pills and NSAID gel, so I'm going to give it another couple days. Aside from that, the run was nice; I was pretty tired today, but not sore.

Friday, June 15th
40' run on the treadmill
COMMENTS: Stormed all morning, travelled to Lubbock during the day, ran on a treadmill immediately after a nap... not a recipe for a fast or smooth run! ;) But I got it in and my foot actually felt a little better today!

Saturday, June 16th
2M warm up + 5M progression run in Lubbock with Jake + light core
COMMENTS: 34:36 for the progression run with splits of 7:21, 7:07, 6:54, 6:49, 6:23. I'm definitely glad Jake was with me on this one, he did a GREAT job pacing - There's no way I would've been able to progress the way we did on my own. I had to work for the last two miles, but it wasn't as brutal as I had feared it would be!

Total weekly mileage: 37M

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