The calm before the storm! (28M)

I capped off last week's training with another low key race, this time a 4 miler in Dallas. I still haven't done any aerobic work (aside from last week's surprise 5k), so this was another brutal test of my lungs! Haha! I'm feeling really strong these days - probably due to spending the last 7 months not running a step and just doing core and strength work - but my aerobic strength is definitely at an all time low!

This coming week will be a "down" week, since I have done nothing but gradually build easy mileage since I started back in late March. After this week, we begin meeting as a team and I'll finally get to start adding some quality to my training! Jake (my husband and coach) keeps having to remind me that November is still a long ways away, so I have to be patient and trust that fitness will come if I'm consistent and give it time!

Sunday, June 3rd
35' run at White Rock Lake + light core work
COMMENTS: Nice and easy to start, but picked it up to a very strong pace for the second half (still very comfortable though). No pain this morning and my legs felt surprisingly good and fresh.
30' run in the Ho Chi Minh trails in Houston with Jake
COMMENTS: This was an unplanned run, but it was too nice outside and I was feeling pretty lethargic after a long drive down. Another very nice run though; I'm so grateful to be able to post this. Running is a true gift - Don't ever forget that!

Monday, June 4th
20' strength & core circuit in the morning
32' run on a golf course in the evening
COMMENTS: I was definitely feeling weak and run down on this run, but it was 6:30 and I hadn't eaten since noon aside from a few snacks! I am hoping that tomorrow morning's run will be more back to normal. I will say that the strength circuit I'm doing these days is TOUGH so if I can make a habit of it I could see some huge benefits down the road!

Tuesday, June 5th
32' run in Ho Chi Minh trails with Jake
COMMENTS: Definitely felt much better on today's run than yesterday's run! I'm still pretty tired, but it's been a long week and I'm traveling so my diet/ rest is all off kilter. No pain at all on my runs so far, but my foot did ache a bit while eating dinner tonight (not a pain when walking, just an ache when sitting).

Wednesday, June 6th
rest day

Thursday, June 7th
32' run on the golf course with Jake
COMMENTS: Not a bad run, but I'm still feeling sluggish and heavy. Just really worn down and tired this week. It could be from the travel but there's no way to tell without giving it a few more days. Nixed the strength workout since I'm feeling bad and had to drive back to Dallas today.

Friday, June 8th
35' VERY easy run through the neighborhood
COMMENTS: Ran the first 15' solo and the last 20' with Jake - Feeling really sickly today and last night, so something must be going on. I shuffled through most of the run but finally started to wake up a little towards the end. Outside of my left foot has hurt two days in a row now, but only for the first half of my runs. I don't feel any pain the rest of the run or during the day.

Saturday, June 9th
15' run on the gravel and grass at DBU
COMMENTS: My foot was hurting again, so I cut the run short in order to save myself for a longer run tomorrow. I'll cross train this evening. I'm really frustrated about this, but trying to be patient until next week when I can get an MRI done again.
30' strength circuit + 30' bike in the afternoon

Total Weekly Mileage: 26 Miles

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