A whole week at home - FINALLY!! (37M)

Last week ended remarkably well considering the shaky start I got with my foot. I found out it was peroneal tendonitis so I eased up on the daily pace, iced like crazy,  and started some NSAID pills and an anti-inflammatory gel. By Friday afternoon's run, the pain was already subsiding some. Score!!

Just to be safe, I'm going to keep my mileage the same this week; if all is clear on Saturday we'll move up again next week. I'm excited to workout with the girls twice this week and FINALLY be home for a full 7 days straight... It's been forever since we've had a full week without travel!

Sunday, June 17th
56' run around Lubbock with Jake
COMMENTS: Not a bad run at all. I wasn't sore at all from yesterday, but I'm still real worn down and tired. I'm glad I had Jake to run with though; it forced me to run a decent pace whereas a probably would've chilled too much had I been on my own. Looking forward to Tuesday's workout though! Very minimal foot pain again! :)

Monday, June 18th
40' easy run through the neighborhood
COMMENTS: By easy, today I mean a nice slow trot, haha! At least for the first 25', then I started moving. But man, I have just been having the hardest time getting fluid and smooth on my runs; I'm feeling pretty heavy and worn down but for no reason at all! Hopefully now that all this travel is slowing down I'll get my feet back under me! Regardless, I'm so grateful to be able to move so freely and enjoy this privilege to run. Even on these sluggish days I still enjoy every step.

Tuesday, June 19th
30' moderate run + track ladder of 100, 2x200, 300 & back down
COMMENTS: I was still very tired and my muscles were really tight tonight. Leg swings pre-workout were even painful! I think I may be dehydrated so I'll have to work on that tomorrow. Splits for the track ladder were 19, 39, 40, 58, 59, 37, 39, 19 with equal rest after each one. Total 2 miles were 13:54 but the wind was brutal on the recovery. No pain where my tendonitis has been, but I did have pain in the middle of my left foot? Special shout-out to Mrs Katie Noss who made me WORK tonight!

Wednesday, June 20th
rest day

Thursday, June 21st
56' moderate run through the neighborhood
COMMENTS: Felt much better this morning than most of my runs lately! Maybe these weekly rest days are more helpful than I thought! :) Map My Run puts me at about 7.6M for the run which is actually more than I needed. I had a little aching in my feet, but definitely nothing bad at all!

Friday, June 22nd
40' run on the gravel path and grass track + core
COMMENTS: I pretty much went out for a casual trot this morning! In other words, I felt like poop and ran like it too! Hahah! Even running slow I felt tired. Thankfully I started to get my feet back underneath me towards the last five minutes; hopefully tomorrow is a different story!

Saturday, June 23rd
2M warm up + 5 x alt miles + 1M cool down on the Trinity Trail Loop
COMMENTS: Team workout day!! :) Ran with Jake and Katie, Edwin was with us for most if it as well! I felt really rotten on the warm up, but when we started the workout the first 6:30 mile felt so casual. Originally we'd planned to alternate 6:30 and 7:30 pace, but we adjusted and just cut down thru the workout. Ended up with alt mile splits of 6:28, 7:16, 6:18, 7:03, 6:03. Definitely a nice surprise and solid workout for this being our second week. We have so much time left to train that it's not even funny. Can't wait to see what this partnership can do for our fitness!

Total weekly mileage: 38M

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