Patience, patience, patience! (40M)

I had to be reminded several times last week that there is still a ridiculous amount of training time left until my goal race for the fall. I was pushing the pace in workouts just because I could, but the reality is that now is the time to be sitting back and letting my body adjust and build slowly. When I get down to 12 to 15 weeks out from the Half, then it'll be okay to really work on my hard days. For now though? Time to put the brakes on and settle down a bit! I was 100% ready to run a PR in the half last October and that was off 14 weeks of training. I've got about 3 weeks of true training under my belt right now (15 total of getting back into running after my time off) and another 19 weeks remaining!!! I have the luxury and rare privilege of runners to really take my time on this build up and do things right.

This week will be pretty similar to two weeks back in terms of workouts, but I'm adding a few extra miles since I'm still trying to build my volume back.

Sunday, June 24th
7M run at WRL
COMMENTS: Jake and I ran with Tod and Carey for the first 3.5 and then turned back for the car. We ended up averaging 7:20 pace for my run and then I hopped on the bike to keep Jake company for his last 7M. He had a solid last 7! No new foot pain today. My joints were a bit achey but I've spent the last two weeks (excluding yesterday) on pavement, so that could be part of it. Easy run tomorrow, core on Tuesday morning, and then time for another team workout that night!! :) I love getting my routine and schedule right now!

Monday, June 25th
40' run on the grass at Mountainview + 6x20" stride, 20" rest
COMMENTS: Joined Jake, Josh, and Corey this morning for my run. I was a bit tired still and felt like we were moving pretty good, but apparently it was barely 8:00 pace! Yikes! Definitely going to take advantage of my morning off tomorrow; we've got our team workout scheduled for the evening! Say a prayer for this 104 degree heat that's predicted! :/

Tuesday, June 26th
Core in the AM
30' run around Grand Prairie + 2 x 300 + 5 x200 (equal rest, all consecutive)
COMMENTS: It was extremely hot today, probably the hottest day we've had yet. We (Katie, Linet, and myself) got in 3.8 miles during our warm up and then hit the track. The 300's were 58, 57, followed by 200's that cut down from 38 to 36. Overall, the last two miles were in 13:48 which is a tad slower than they have been, but I give the heat credit for that today! ;)

Wednesday, June 27th
rest day

Thursday, June 28th
9M run in 68' (7:33 AP) through the neighborhood
COMMENTS: Ran with Pauley for the first 6 and Jake for the first 8 miles, then finished things out solo. Definitely not feeling good though; just very heavy and tired. Guess that's part of training during the summer in Texas! :) No major "injury" pains though, so that's a plus! Mile splits of 8:38, 7:59, 7:37, 7:27, 7:19, 7:22, 7:22, 7:16, 7:01.

Friday, June 29th
5M run on the grass track + 6 x strides
COMMENTS: Talk about running on E. My gas tank is definitely running low this week. Total run averaged 8:15 pace with miles of 9:12, 8:19, 8:08, 8:02, 7:33. The strides felt better than the run, but my hip flexors are tight (no major foot pain).

Saturday, June 30th
2M warm up + 5M progressive + 1M cool down with GTTC on the Trinity Trails
COMMENTS: Much more controlled workout this week compared to last week, mostly just because it didn't call for any "fast" miles so it was easier to pace. Our progression was 7:19, 7:05, 6:51, 6:45, 6:13 averaging out to 6:50 pace. The cool down was in 7:08, so not terribly slow either. I'm feeling a bit better and I'm excited about the gradual smart build that Jake has planned for us. Just need to take care of these blisters!

Total Weekly Mileage: 40M

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