Attempting 2 miles and wisdom teeth surgery!

Last week I completed my SECOND week of running! One day on, two days of rest, repeat! During the off days I took multiple cycle and bodypump (barbell) classes at 24 Hour Fitness, which kept me very active for one to two hours each day. Saturday was a very welcomed recovery day!

This week I'll be running on Monday and Thursday (hopefully 2 miles each time) and then getting all four wisdom teeth pulled on Friday morning! Yikes! Let's just say that if all goes well thru next Wednesday, things should be pretty smooth sailing for the rest of my return to running! I consider 2 miles enough time on my femur and ankle to be a fair test of the healing process.

Sunday, April 28th
60' bodypump class at 12:30, 60' cycle class at 1:30
*It's crazy because I sweat SO much during these classes and I'm definitely exhausted later in the day, but it feels like an entirely different fatigue than what I used to feel from running workouts. I am just hoping that getting SOME fitness back will help make the return a little easier. I have a hard time running slow, but at the same time don't want to force or rush things!

Monday, April 29th
60' bodypump class before work
2M run during lunch
*My femur started aching about 1/2 way through the second mile, but, again, I'm trying to give it a chance and see if this is all just mental. Much faster run though, probably because it was with Jake and not solo. ;) No drills or planks today as my stomach was really hurting during and after the run since I didn't eat enough for breakfast!

Tuesday, April 30th
60' cycle class before work
*Very much feeling some ache in my femur. The warmth from my laptop on my thighs and crossing my legs is causing discomfort again. :( Maybe this is from getting "out of the saddle" so much in these cycle classes? I'm going to stop standing to full weight and stay in the seat for a few weeks and see if that helps.

Wednesday, May 1st
60' barbell class after work
*I LOVE going to this class! A full hour of strength work, switching from one muscle group to the next, doing fast, slow, half, and full reps, and seriously shaking with each track! I really hope this does help me get stronger! My femur does still ache a bit though, so I'll have to really think about whether or not I want to run tomorrow.

Thursday, May 2nd
*Femur pain is very apparent right now.. Hard to mistake for anything else. It is very cold here though, so that could have an impact on things. I will have a good solid 4+ days of complete rest now since my surgery is tomorrow, so hopefully that's enough time to get back under control.

Friday, May 3rd
*Wisdom teeth removed

Saturday, May 4th
*Surgery recovery

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