I've got a plan! Finally!


Sunday, April 21st
20' prehab exercises, 30' strength circuit at noon
*Prehab (I know this is not actually a word, but it's the easiest way for me to describe doing rehab exercises in order to prevent repeat injuries) consisted of my balance exercises, a variety of leg lifts, Jay Johnson's Myrtl routine, and some dynamic stretches. I followed that up with 3 sets of 10 exercises performed for 60" each; including leg press, hamstring curls, leg extension, lat pull-down, shoulder press, seated rows, chest press, tricep push-downs, bicep curls, calf raises.

Monday, April 22nd
45' spin class, 5' abs in the morning
*This was my first spin class at 24 Hour Fitness. It was definitely a good workout, but not sure if it's what I need yet. About 50% of the class was spent "out of the saddle" which means I had full weight on legs as I biked. If I don't have pain later today or tomorrow then I may start using these on my x-train days to get in structured workouts. It's better for me than going to a gym to "bike". I followed up the class with 10x30" abs/back, but will probably try to do more later today.   

Tuesday, April 23rd
1M walk, 1.5M run, .5M walk in the morning
3x30" plank routine, short drills session at night
*Yucky weather this morning but I was still MORE than thankful to get out on my feet! :) I think my run was around 12:35 (I don't know exactly where 1.5M is, but I was within 10-15 meters). I haven't had pain in the middle of my femur yet, which is where it used to be, but I do have some tenderness and soreness in the lower, inside-ish part of my thigh. It's almost where the tear drop muscle is, so I don't think it is bone. I'm going to keep monitoring it, but I plan to continue with the pre-set workouts. 

Wednesday, April 24th
50' cycle class, 20' prehab before work
60' bodypump class after work
*I'm really interested in trying out as many of the 24 hour fitness classes as I can until I get back in a normal running routine. The classes are good for me because: 1) It's really my only human interaction outside of Jake! 2) It ensures I get in constant work for a set time period. and 3) I'm self-conscious so if I know people see me working out, I put more effort into it. So far nothing has been life changing, but the cycle class is better than me hopping on a bike and watching the news, and the barbell class was a nice way to mix things up. Nothing terrible in my femur today, just still the funny tender spots down closer to my knee.

Thursday, April 25th
10x60" H-Core Routine, 60' cycle class after work   
 *It is 8:30 at night and my arms, quads, hamstrings, glutes, and abs are ALL sore! And I'm just all around tired! :) I feel like I need to go eat a cow right now to get my energy back! Haha! I love it though and wouldn't want to feel any other way! I've missed this more than you could ever know! And to top it all off, tomorrow is my running day and we have PERFECT weather forecasted!! :)

Friday, April 26th
1M walk before work
4x30" plank routine, 1.5M run, drills, .5M walk after work
*Today's run, though it felt much worse, was about 30 seconds faster than Tuesday's. I am definitely tired from the rest of the work this week. Six weeks of gradually progressing all these workouts could definitely have a profound affect on my body!

Saturday, April 27th
rest day 
*Terrible allergies and an achy femur made this a perfect rest day! 

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