9 weeks - I'm making progress!!!

I ran for the first time last week! It wasn't much, but I DID run! :) I still want to be cautious because there's definitely soreness in the femur at various times, but I do feel confident that a comeback is not too far away! I'm planning to continue with the walking every 48 hours this week, hopefully 30' each time and maybe throwing in a few more 100m of running while I'm at it! :)

Sunday, April 7th
20' body weight strength

Monday, April 8th
5' balance work, 30' lap swim in the morning
1.5M walk at night

Tuesday, April 9th
50' core and weights, 1M walk in the morning
1M walk in the evening
*upset stomach

Wednesday, April 10th
30' interval bike at night
*upset stomach most of the day, pain in femur again

Thursday, April 11th
60' core and body weight in the morning (limited to hotel mat and dumbbells)
*pain in femur

Friday, April 12th
Nothing - In the country, no time, floor space, or equipment

Saturday, April 13th
5' jog with Jake, 10' walk, 25' interval bike in the morning
15' walk, 15' strength in the afternoon
*Leg felt fine during the run/walks, only aches off and on when sitting. Definitely out of shape!

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