Give a little, take a little - 10 weeks out

After 10 weeks off, I tried a 5 minute jog with Jake. Needless to say, after that test and lots of walking during the day Saturday and Sunday, my femur was ready to be put in cast. Kidding, slightly. :) In all honesty, though, it does hurt quite a bit now and I do not feel like it is wise to be doing any walking, hard biking, etc for a little while longer.

Sunday, April 14th
*Spent the morning walking around the course for Jake's 10 mile race... Lots of time on my leg = an achy femur. Constant throb in femur all afternoon.

Monday, April 15th
45' strength circuit
*Found this circuit online. I completed 5 sets without any rest: 60" x chest press, lat pull down, shoulder press, step-ups, seated row, squats, donkey kicks, bike-2'. I checked my heart rate each time I got on the bike and it was generally between 155 and 161 so I think it was a pretty good session. Femur is definitely still sore and weak; throbbing throughout the day.

Tuesday, April 16th 
30' injury prevention exercises in the morning
70' bike at noon
*I have never pedaled as hard as I did for the last 10 minutes of this bike! I was going to go for 60 minutes, then didn't want to end at an "odd" mileage so I decided to bike to 15 miles. But, of course, then I didn't want to end at an "odd" time, so I decided to get to 16 miles at 70 minutes. Talk about a workout!! Thankfully I rode very, very casually for the first 60 minutes. :) 

Wednesday, April 17th
20' incline walk on treadmill, 40' core and upper body weights in the morning
1M run in 8:25, 1M walk during lunch
*Jake convinced me to finish out a full mile and I actually didn't have thigh pain during it! We'll see how I feel tomorrow, but if all goes well, maybe I'll try again on Saturday! :) For weights this morning I decided to get heavier as I went so I did a 20, 10, 8, 6, 3 rep ladder and increased the weight with each one!

Thursday, April 18th
70' bike at noon

Friday, April 19th
8' abs, 27' strength circuit
*I went through the same strength circuit from Monday, but only did three sets this time due to time constraints. I get in really late from class on Thursday nights, so I needed some extra sleep. :)

Saturday, April 20th
1M walk, 1M run, 1M walk at noon
*I went to the track for this one to get some extra motivation, hah. I ended up coming through the miles in 13:38, 7:56, 13:26 and didn't have much pain. The walking is uncomfortable on my hip flexors but probably just because I'm not used to using them so much. My femur was a little sore, but it was the same before I started so I'm not concerned. This is going to be a long process getting back in shape, but it definitely excites me!   

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