Week 4 coming back [15M]

I have gradually noticed more aching in my thigh, so I have a doctor appointment on Tuesday morning. I am hoping they're able to easily confirm if this is muscle/ nerves, or if it's back to the bone again. Say a prayer for me! I don't want to be back on my bum again already!

Sunday, June 23rd
4M run + 40' cycle class. This is the first run I've had since beginning my return to training where I truly felt comfortable and relaxed! I really, really enjoyed the run and it felt easy from start to finish! I'm sure a lot of it had to do with my setting the treadmill a bit slower than usual, but I'm so thankful for a run that felt GOOD! Ran 8:29 for the first mile and then cut down a bit each half mile after that to finish in 31:25.  The last quarter mile or so I dropped it to sub 7:00 pace because it still felt so easy!

Monday, June 24th
60' barbell class. Skipped the lunge portion entirely today, so my only leg work was the squats part. Last time I tried starting the lunges but my knee just wasn't ready yet. I upped my weight for chest, back, and triceps to 7.5lbs each side, keeping 5lbs each side for the w/u, squats, biceps, and shoulders. Did the walking push-ups on my knees and the 16 straight push-ups on my toes.

Tuesday, June 25th
4M run + 3 relaxed uphill strides + 20' stationary bike. I will be honest, today was only supposed to be 3 miles. I just felt so good about how easy Sunday's run was and I knew I was jumping to 20 miles next week, so I figured going from 11.5 to 15 to 20 was really no different than 11.5 to 14 to 20. :) Plus, because I took Saturday off, I'm getting two runs in a row where I have a full day off before and after! Run was good and I progressed naturally throughout. Did my strides on campus on a very gradual incline. Good day of running! I'm excited!
*New doctor says my thigh pain is all soft tissue or at worst a stress reaction (no fracture)- If it gets worse stop, if not, ART, ice after workouts, compression sleeve for indoor workouts, and TRAIN ON! :)

Wednesday, June 26th
45' cycle class before work. First day going out of the saddle and no pain in my thigh!
60' barbell class after work. Went back to doing the full bodypump session (lunges included) and had no problems. 5lbs each side for w/u, squats, biceps, lunges, and shoulders, 7.5lbs each side for chest, triceps, 10lbs each side for back.

Thursday, June 27th
4M run + 3 relaxed uphill strides. Could NOT wake up this morning, so instead of driving to the trails I just ran the loops in our neighborhood. Got in the full run without stopping, but had some solid stomach and side cramps the whole time that definitely tempted me!! My legs were also really tight from the strength work yesterday, but I am taking that as a good thing. :) Strides were great. Strong focus on form, so they were very smooth and powerful! Our neighborhood is a much better place for these than on campus at DBU!

Friday, June 28th
3M run + 60' PiYo class before work. Dropped the pace throughout my run and finished up with the last .10 just under 7:00 pace (cut down by .1mph every .10 mile for the last half mile mile). Took around 23:25, though that's not exact because I accidentally hit the pause button in the third mile and had to restart/recalibrate the treadmill. Felt good though! I'm getting so much more comfortable at 7:30 pace... I spend a good 1.75 miles or more out of each run at that pace or faster.

Saturday, June 29th
60' barbell class. Today was the "debut" of Bodypump 86 (the newest version). The new exercises and the structure of the workout are a bit different so I used slightly lighter weights to be safe. In the end, I think it will be a slightly easier workout. Heavier on squats, much lighter on lunges. Heavier on chest, lighter on triceps. Heavier on back and shoulders, lighter on abs. So, there you have it! :)

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