Here we go!!!! "Week 1"! [10M]

This is my FIRST week of "real" running since my bone scan! I have done no continuous runs since then, but my few weeks of run-walk sessions have given me enough confidence in health to get started again! So, my lovely husband Jake gave me a nice gradual build up to get me back to a normal running schedule in about six weeks. Perfect! Here goes week 1!

Sunday, June 2nd
2M run followed by 20M bike with Jake. First time to run longer than 9 minutes at a time! I was uncomfortable and breathing heavily for the first mile, but really settled into a good rhythm and enjoyed the trip back! :) 

Monday, June 3rd
2M run followed by 60' barbell class. Nothing fancy to report back today. I did my run on the treadmill, but intentionally did not look at the pace and focused on staying relaxed. Took just under 17:00. Nothing scary with my femur but I have noticed that my ankle only bothers me when I run on the treadmill. Weird! Class was a success as well. Added an additional 2.5lbs to the ends of my bar, so the upper body work was much more challenging! 
25' aqua jog during lunch.

Tuesday, June 4th
60' cycle class before work.
30' aqua jog during lunch.

Wednesday, June 5th
2M run in the neighborhood. Felt sick when I woke, didn't run until after noon, planning to do my barbell class after work. Totaled my husband's car on the way to gym. Needless to say, no strength today and probably no working out for several days.Talk about feeling like the worst person in the world!

Thursday, June 6th
Recovering from totaling Jake's care yesterday. Broke the windshield with the my forehead and the top of my head, lots a good amount of hair, and banged up my legs pretty good. I might give running a try tomorrow around mid-day.

Friday, June 7th
2M run in the neighborhood. I GOT IT IN!! Woohoo! I still have pain bending my knee, especially with weight on it, but found that if I kept my stride short it really wasn't too bad! So happy I got to run today!

Saturday, June 8th
2M run on the Katy Trail. Super pumped that I got in my last 2-miler for the week! That makes TEN MILES this week! Woohoo!!!! In saying that, I am still pathetically out of shape! Today was the first time I timed one of my runs. I was at 7:39 for the 1M turn around and finished at 14:58... 7:30 pace, you say, isn't bad. But, I raced to run that pace!! I definitely could not have gone a third mile! Hopefully a few months of just being consistent and occasionally running a bit harder (like today) I will start to get back in shape again!
60' cycle class.

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