Glass in the head and 10M in the books! [10M]

Well, for those who have not yet heard, I managed to total Jake's car and smash my head into the windshield last Wednesday. I haven't had terrible, terrible symptoms, but I've lost a lot of hair, still have some glass in the top of my head, and have a big knot under my knee that's pretty painful. The most crazy part is I didn't have to miss a single run after it! So not only did I survive, but I can still run! God is good! Now we just have to figure out how to get by with one car! :/

Here are few pictures from last week!

This week I only have four runs scheduled, but two of them are three-milers so I'll be at 10 for the week again! Now that we're down to one car, I probably won't go to many cycle or barbell classes anymore, but I'll try to squeeze them in when Jake runs at home or calls recruits! I also will probably wait a few more days to go back to the pool. The cuts on my legs still hurt in the shower, so I want to give them a chance to fully heal!

Sunday, June 9th
15M bike with Jake at the lake

Monday, June 10th
3M run on the treadmill. 8:39, 7:44, 7:30. No femur pain, but still have the pain under my left knee from the accident. Super pumped about my first 3-miler! :) One more mile and I'll be over the 30' milestone!
60' barbell class. SO, SO, SO happy I got to go to this today! I know I won't be able to go as often anymore, but when I can I'm going to soak it up! :)

Tuesday, June 11th
60' cycle workout, 5' core, 20' walk home. I used a cycle workout album off iTunes this morning and it was perfect! Just like being in a class at the gym! Maybe this won't be so bad! :) I really enjoyed walking home, too. Though it will be nice when I'm no longer on-call and don't have to lug around this heavy laptop! *On a side note, I woke up with a pretty good ache in my femur this morning. Going to give it the day and see how it feels when I run tomorrow. Very surprising since I had no pain yesterday.*

Wednesday, June 12th
3/4M walk, 2M run, 3/4M walk, 10' bike, 5' core. :) Sounds wordy when I put it like that. Oh well. :) I felt absolutely terrible today though! I know I worked extremely hard on the bike yesterday, though, and I also did not get much sleep last night because of work requests that kept coming in. At least I got in the miles and my femur wasn't a problem! Tomorrow will be a new day!

Thursday, June 13th
2M run, 30' bike, 30' strength. I ran on the treadmill again this morning because Jake let me use the car and go to a class at the gym! Got in the two miles in 8:19, 7:16 and felt very good, then went straight to a spin and strength class. My femur seemed finicky for part of the first mile and then I never noticed it again!

Friday, June 14th
60' PiYo class. This class is a mixture of pilates and yoga according to the class description, but I wouldn't really know. All I can say to describe it is that there are a lot of planks, push ups, squats, lunges, and weird exercises that somehow make your legs and abs burn. It also reminds me that I have terrible balance. :) I will say it is a nice way to spend my "off" days though. Not too hard, but enough to make you work!

Saturday, June 15th
3M run. I stayed on the SMU track for this entire run. I turned around after six laps and was at 17:17 for 2 miles! Yikes! Finished up the run in 24:53. I was telling Jake this morning, I don't think I've ever been this out of shape when coming back from injury!!

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