I am gradually becoming a RUNNER again! [11.5M]

I've run 9 of the last 14 days! BE EXCITED, FOLKS! I have yet to miss a single mile off the schedule Jake made me! That's big time when you have my kind of mileage. ;) Give me about 104 more weeks and I will blow you away! ;)

No major surprises this week in terms of running, but the latter half of the week is going to be a bit dicey. I'm not sure what "cross training" options I'll have in Minnesota, so I may end up a sitting duck two days. I love race trips though. I love the expos, race morning, the post-race festivities, and seeing runners scattered all around the town. Can't wait!!

Sunday, June 16th
3M run on Merrifield Road in 23:35. This was another very enjoyable run on the hilliness of Merrifield Road! I love being back out there! 8:37, 8:02, 6:56 today!! I was definitely getting tired that last mile, but I also would never have guessed I was running sub 7 pace! Sweet!!
30' bodypump + 60' cycle class. Got to the gym thirty minutes early for cycle and my favorite instructor was halfway thru bodypump so I jumped in! Lucky me! :)

Monday, June 17th
60' bodypump class. I am a walking zombie right now. I see a nap and early bedtime in my future today!! Quad muscle on my left femur is bothering me, but this time I'm confident it's muscle and not bone. Must have strained it or something.

Tuesday, June 18th
20' run + 60' cycle class. Got in my 20 minutes on the treadmill, starting at 8:57 pace and knocking the speed up by .1 every 60". Finished 2.53 miles by the end and was just right under 7:00 pace for the last minute.

Wednesday, June 19th
25' run. Wanted to run on a soft surface so I went to DBU's gravel loop and just ran for minutes. Not the greatest surface today because it was so thick - like running through loose sand on a beach! I had a lot of random aches this morning, but none that felt deep or structural. Pretty much everything was a strained or pulled sensation. I will try to ice after class tonight!
60' bodypump class.

Thursday, June 20th
Off.. Travel ALL day!

Friday, June 21st
3M run with Jake . Not terrible, and I'm thankful to be running, but it is definitely embarrassing how much and how quickly your fitness fades. I'm am in awful shape!! Haha!

Saturday, June 22nd
Off...Cheering for Jake! Then a quick nap and an afternoon/evening of travel again.

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