Feeling like the turtle this week- And I'm okay with it! :) [21M]

As much as I have loved being a rabbit with my training over the past several years, I am definitely confined to the turtle community this fall. As I finished my progression run last Friday, I walked away so pumped that I had completed my run at the paces I planned. Literally - Pumped! It was only a couple of hours later as I updated my training log that I realized how ironic my excitement was. My last three miles of the progression run were 7:01, 6:51, 6:41 - Just about identical the final three miles of ALL of my daily runs and long runs a year ago. Wow! And no, that progression run was not just a "keeping it easy" thing - I was working! Haha! Granted I am still sick with bronchitis and I have been battling some new aches and pains, but wow!

But honestly, that's part of the magic in this sport. Running is all about overcoming your own goals. Each year, each season, each day comes with different goals. And there is always room for new goals. So even though my goal this last Friday was nothing glitzy and glamorous, if I continue to put in the consistent time and effort, I will eventually get back there. It's a humbling sport, but the rewards are so great that every minute is so very worth it!

Sunday, September 22nd
6M run with Carolyn Kelly at the lake. We decided not to push it this week since we both have some weird aches we're trying to be cautious with, but it was a solid enjoyable run nonetheless! Averaged 7:34 pace for the day, slightly cutting down each mile!

Monday, September 23rd
Planned no running day #1!
AMAZING weather during my lunch hour so I stayed outside and did some form drills and bodyweight work! Very short and quick session before a 1:00 meeting!

Tuesday, September 24th
4M run on the grass track. I planned on doing 6 today, but stopped after 4 to talk to two of Jake's injured girls. Knowing that my quad and hips still aren't 100% and I had gotten in a very solid 4M run already, I decided to play it safe and skip the last two miles for the sake of recovery. Definitely a very good run though. Almost 30' flat for the four miles!
Strength circuit during lunch! Love that I have the energy to get these in again! Thank you ISA!!

Wednesday, September 25th
10' HIIT bike followed by 3 x 8 weights. Drank an e+ shot mid-morning today and felt like superwoman while lifting weights! I even did my last set of bench press with 30lb dumbbells!! That's 60lbs!! Just have to get my quad muscle worked out and I'll be back on the road running!

Thursday, September 26th
2M easy, 3M tempo. I am so happy I got this in!! I wasn't planning to run today, but had another e+ shot mid-morning, was feeling fantastic, and couldn't resist myself! :) Did a mile easy, then a mile of 1' moderate, 1' easy to warm up. After that I knocked out my 3 mile tempo with 6:27, 6:22, 6:18 splits for a 6:22 average pace. Super happy! First mile and a half felt great, the last half was definitely pushing it. That's 3 miles averaging only 9 seconds slower than goal pace for next week's 5k!! AND, my quad felt good the whole time! I'm having some weakness and aching in the upper quad/groin area now, but nothing during the run. Hopefully I'll get it all worked out at ART tonight!

Friday, September 27th
6M run + 6 strides. Felt absolutely FANTASTIC in terms of energy and such, but really achy structurally. If I could figure out my hips, quad, and and hip flexors, I seriously would be able to put together the best training season I've ever had now that I've got these Isa products. Never felt so good in my life!

Saturday, September 28th
~2M on our new dirt trail! I actually wanted to and planned to run more, but one of Jake's girls had to stop her run for an injury so I had to wait with her by the cars. I'm not going to fret over it like I would have in the past though. I got in the important runs this week and know that this doesn't happen all the time, so I have no reason to start doubting things at all!

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