Training like a runner again!! :) [30M]

All six mile runs, an eight mile run, and an easy four miler... That's what's on tap for this week! Gosh it feels good to see that!

I will be travelling to and from Houston on Monday and Tuesday, but after that my week should be pretty typical. ART bunched together on Wednesday and Thursday, standard workout on Wednesday, and distance run on Friday. I'm hoping I'll be able to continue my daily lunch break workout as well!

Sunday, September 15th
6M with Carolyn at the lake! I love running with her because we talk the whole time, but it's not like when you run casually and talk. We run hard, and we are out of breath, but we still have good conversations! I like it that we can push each other and still enjoy each other's company! Last mile today was 6:27 and the second to last was 6:54!!

Monday, September 16th
No running day #1! Long day of travel...

Tuesday, September 17th
6M + 6 strides. Got in a solid 48 minute run through Pearland this morning! I always enjoy exploring new areas on foot! Followed it up with drills and strides. Had a weird strong pain under the ball of my left foot on the strides but didn't feel anything during the run. Hopefully it's gone tomorrow!
Long day of travel again...

Wednesday, September 18th
4M easy with Jake's girls. Nothing special about this run... But got it in nonetheless! Having piriformis issues, but they are not bothering me while running at all.
Strength circuit during lunch. ART after work.

Thursday, September 19th
No running day #2! Lots of errands and doctor appointments... ART after work.

Friday, September 20th
6M continuous with last 5 progressive. Wasn't sure I would be able to do this run due to some bad pain in my medial hamstring over the last 48 hours, but got it in afterall! Phew! First mile was nice and easy in 8:20, after that I dropped to 7:30 pace and picked it up a tad every 1/2 mile. 7:23, 7:12, 7:01, 6:51, 6:41 for a 7:02 average. I can tell I ran hard for those last three miles but it's still crazy to think that five miles at 7:02 pace is a workout for me now! I used to do 15 at 7:05 pace every Sunday! Hahah! Baby steps, though. Just have to be patient. :) 5 miles in 7:02 average is better than 3 miles at 8:00 pace!
Strength circuit during lunch!

Saturday, September 21st
8M run. Went out to Keist Park and knocked out four very casual, comfortable loops. Never bothered picking up the pace at all - Just got in the miles! :) Definitely still having the same piriformis and medial hamstring pain!

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