Lots of work to do, but we're doing it! [30M!]

Last week I had my second "race" experience since my time off for the fractures. I started back to running (though not much) the first week of June. In August I began adding one quality workout per week, but it was never high intensity. Just a good progression run or fartlek. I have not run more than five days per week, and up until last week I had not run over six miles! But, all of that is changing now! I'm getting stronger and my body is able to handle more. Over the next several months we'll continue with this gradual progression and see how much progress can be made.

If nothing else, these two races I've done have been great eye openers on two accounts. 1. The system works if you are patient and consistent. I have yet to miss a run, but we also have not pushed the intensity or mileage at all. In both races I've averaged at least 20 seconds per mile faster than any single mile I've done in workouts. 2. I have a lot of work to do! What I ran for my 3k yesterday is what I'd like to be at in the half marathon in the next year or so, Lord willing. Lots and lots of work left to do!! But, like I said, we're doing it!

Sunday, SEPTEMBER 1st!! :)
6M with Carolyn Kelly at the lake! Super fun to run with Carolyn. We started much harder than I usually do so even though we talked the whole time, we were both breathing really hard. We were averaging 7:13 pace at four miles so we decided to ease up and relax with 1.5 to go. Finished out the six in 45:14 which is a very solid 7:32 pace!
Strength circuit 

Monday, September 2nd
Rest! Got in a light strength and mobility session while Jake did his workout!

Tuesday, September 3rd
5M + strides. Ran with the DBU girls and enjoyed it. There definitely were not team runs like that when I was on campus. Everyone ran... No jogging. Felt very good muscularly but still having a lot aches in my hips, hip flexors, and IT bands.

Wednesday, September 4th
6M run with the DBU girls. They had a last minute meet scheduled for Thursday so I opted to run with them today and switch my workout for tomorrow when they're gone. It was a solid six miler though. Definitely worked on it, especially the last mile or so. Very impressed with these ladies' efforts! Still need to get these hips and my back sorted out!
Quick strength and core session during lunch.

Thursday, September 5th
Rest - Potentially getting sick?

Friday, September 6th
6M w/ Lab Rat treadmill workout. 1M warm up, then 5 sets of 4' at scheduled pace, 2' easy. The four minute segments were 7:21 pace, 6:48 pace, 6:31 pace, 6:27 pace, 6:18 pace. Very good workout! All recovery segments were around 8:30 pace and I followed it up with 1M easy. Ended up averaging around 7:30 pace for the full 6 miles.

Saturday, September 7th
7M w/ 1',3' surge. I was originally going to do the DBU girls fartlek today, but since I had to run my workout on Friday instead of Wednesday, it didn't make sense. I did the first two surges with them and then just finished out with a good run. My quads were very tight today, which is a first in a while for sure!

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