Attitude of gratitude! [Week 1: 12M]

Last week was a very successful week in terms of running... I went up two miles compared to the prior week, and my daily run pace dropped significantly. The only downside from last week was my knees still aching and the fact that I didn't get in any supplemental work due to travel. It was on my mind a lot over the weekend and I was frustrated that I was going a full week without any strength work.

This week I am making it a goal to show gratitude for even the smallest things! I am realizing that I often let simple things ruin the greatness of so many other blessings in my life. I want to appreciate every step of every run without being discouraged by other things!

This week we'll go up two miles again, but the long run stays the same. Trying to get all my runs over 20 minutes in length before I push up the long run again.

Sunday, May 11th
4 miles on the track. 8:29, 8:16, 8:03, 7:23. I kept the entire run very steady and controlled, but ran the last lap hard. Super humid and windy out, but other than that it was nice! Still using the Hoka's and no problems with them yet. My knees have not gotten any worse, though they still hurt for the first mile or so. 

Monday, May 12th
Bodypump class.

Tuesday, May 13th
3 miles on the track. 8:08, 7:55, 7:20. Another nice and relaxed run, though the crazy wind made it a bit more challenging. It wasn't bad the first six laps, but once I changed directions I was running into it for about 3/4ths of each lap! My knees are same as always... no improvements still. Last lap was higher effort again; I didn't run 7:20 pace for the full mile... was running 7:36 pace for the first 3 laps of it. Trying not to push things too much for a while!

Wednesday, May 14th
45' spin class before work.
3 miles in the afternoon. I ran in the neighborhood today in order to get off the track. Went through my usual warm-up drills and could tell my knees were a little more stiff than they had been in previous days. Once I started running I realized how much worse they were! I literally almost stopped running in the first 100m! Luckily it eased up a bit during the run. Left knee hurts in the front on the bottom, right knee hurts on the top in the inside. Left shin also hurts close the ankle; right shin hurts more mid-shin. :( Switching tomorrow's run with Friday's rest day and hoping the chiropractor and some rest will clear it up a bit! 8:07, 8:00, 7:41 today.

Thursday, May 15th
Rest day

Friday, May 16th
60' total body conditioning class.
2M run in the neighborhood. I went the chiropractor this morning and my shins were literally screaming at me. He did dry needling and it helped a ton, but the tension was so tight it bruised all over, haha! I decided that since I'm feeling so many pains I'm going to make this my down week instead of next week. It works better that way because we'll be on a trip to DII Nationals next week and I'll be able to get in really good runs there!

Saturday, May 17th
60' walk at the lake while Jake ran.

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