Jake's Birthday Week! [Week 3: 16M]

Highly recommend this book! This is where my new training plan came from!
I mentioned this briefly in my last post, but since it was a late post, I'm re-covering it here. :) Last Tuesday I picked up on week 2 of Brad Hudson's 5k Level 1 training plan. It's only 12 weeks, only one week is over 20 miles, and most weeks only have 4 runs. It is a VERY conservative plan, which is exactly what I need! I'm really excited to have something structured and with a little bit of quality that still keeps risk minimal!
I prefer to have long runs on Saturday so I don't have to have busy mornings before church, so I've pushed Brad's schedule back a day to make everything fit. It makes the mileage totals funny for a few weeks, but it's still the same workload. You should see a lot more cross training cardio from me as well. With such an open schedule last week, I was able to get in the habit of 60 minute cardio sessions and I really think that will help bridge the gap for my low running mileage. Since my last two weeks matched Brad's first two weeks of the plan, this is week 3 out of 12! Here we go!

Sunday, May 25th
3M relaxed + 4 x 8" hill sprints. Really strong pain beneath the inside of my knees, but the bottom of my feet felt sooo much better being back in my Hoka's! The hill sprints felt better than anything I've done in a long time. No pain at all on them. I wanted to do so many more!
30' spinning.

Monday, May 26th
30' elliptical + 30' recumbent bike. Kept heart rate between 158 and 168 for the most part.

Tuesday, May 27th
4M easy run + full body strength workout. Felt super stiff and achy at the start but loosened up okay about 20 minutes in. I still don't feel like I could take off sprinting if I had to. Just too tight and painful in my knees. But, I did go to the chiropractor after my workout, so I'm hoping that when I head out to run on Friday they'll feel better! :)

Wednesday, May 28th
60' elliptical. Nothing to report. I will say that music makes all difference on cross training days!

Thursday, May 29th
Rest day. First one in about 2 weeks!

Friday, May 30th
3M run + 4 x 8" hill sprints. Felt much better than most of my runs lately, but my right hamstring was really bothering me. I tweaked it a bit on Tuesday morning doing one-leg russian deadlifts and I think it needs a bit longer before I try stretching it or doing any more leg swings.
Full body strength session. Day two from this circuit (I did day one on Tuesday).
30' fartlek bike. 2' easy, 30" hard for the first 25 minutes. 4' tabata intervals at the end with 20" hard, 10" easy.

Saturday, May 31st
6M run with last 10' moderate. Absolute worst run ever since coming back! I think it mostly had to do with the humidity and warmer temps, but it was rough for sure. Terrible knee/IT band pain as well. Spent all morning doing intense lawn work after I got home, so no cross training. This body needs a rest!

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