Week 2- 23M running, 280' x-training

We are flying back to Duluth this week! Jake is racing the half and we have some friends running the half and full as well. I'm not sure what kind of fitness center I'll have access to or what our schedule will look like, so I'm squeezing weights in before we leave and scheduling cross training for every day we're there in case I have to miss it once!

Last week was my first full week of training without lots of aches and pains! It gave me such a boost of confidence that Jake and I sat down and put together a real training plan instead of the novice one I was following. The truth is, I wasn't going to get back to the fitness level I want to work back to by running 20 miles a week. The new plan is a mix between the Hanson's structure and Hudson's philosophies. I'll be on a three day cycle of rest, easy, quality, and I'll keep short hill sprints, long runs with quality, and fartleks from Hudson's plan.

Here's a pic from after he finished the Full Marathon last year! 2:30:43! Was on pace for 2:24:xx thru 24.5 miles and then crashed over the last mile and a half. Looking forward to seeing him crush 13.1 this week!!!
Sunday, June 15th
Full warmup.
80' on the stationary bike.
3 x 6 strength circuit A.

Monday, June 16th
Rest day. In order to get the 3 day cycle to fit next week's schedule, I needed to push things back a day. An extra day of rest before I get started won't hurt anything though! :)
20' cross training during lunch. I had nothing to do and this was a good way to pass time. :) 10 minutes on the bike and 10 minutes rowing. Kept the biking very relaxed but really pushed on the rowing!

Tuesday, June 17th
Full warmup.
4M easy + 6 hill sprints. I stayed in the neighborhood for this one so I would have easy access to hills for my hill sprints. I don't have splits because about 1.2 miles in there was a car parked in an alley that I didn't want to run by and I left my measured loop. The first mile was 7:52 and the "third" mile was 7:43 according to Jake's garmin (he ran with me for his cool down). Hill sprints were okay but I didn't feel as powerful and poppy as I felt last week. Both shins hurt today, but that's about it.
60' on the stationary bike after my run.

Wednesday, June 18th
6M easy with 10 x 1' @ 5k effort, 2' easy. Fort Worth trails today! I only had 8 surges planned, but I finished the 8th one with about a mile to left and I didn't want to run easy the whole time. I felt pretty good on the run thanks to a very windy morning (13+ mph), but my both of my shins still hurt. I also had to stop after my first ~2 mile loop to massage my right IT band... For some reason that knee stiffens up and hurts really bad every time I go to this loop. Ended up averaging 7:52 pace for 6.4 miles. 
3 x 6 strength circuit B.

Thursday, June 19th - Flying to Duluth
50' cross training. That's all I could fit in before heading to the airport and we didn't get to Duluth until after 11 thanks to weather delays and cancelled flights.

Friday, June 20th
.5M easy, 4M run + 6 hill sprints. LOTS of shin and knee pain today, but other than that it was a fine run. I did it on the treadmill (including the hill sprints, which was really hard). I averaged 7:52 pace for the 4M run. I actually ran 4.5M continuous, but I ran so slow the first 1/2 mile that I decided to count it as a warm up.
70' cross training.

Saturday, June 21st
6M long run with 3 x 8' steady, 2' recovery. 2 miles in 16:46, then stopped to stretch because I almost called the run quits due to so much shin and knee pain (more like outside hamstring tendon on the back of my knee). Then 4M with the long fartleks; I progressed the pace each time, so the first one was .5M at 7:30 pace, then 7:19 pace for the rest of it. Second one was 7:19 pace for 4 minutes, then 7:09 pace for 4 minutes. The last one was 7:09 pace for 4 minutes, then 6:59 pace for 4 minutes.
2M easy. I ran out of time to finish my run before Jake's race, so I snuck in the last two miles while the marathon was going on. This is the only run I did outside while in Minnesota.
No cross training because the outside/back of my knee was so painful.

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