Trying a fartlek this week!

How about a little motivation to start the week with?! :)
PS. That picture in the background is the entrance to my neighborhood. Pretty nice, right?
Sunday, June 1st
30' bike + 30' elliptical. Still feeling super fatigued. Keeping things relaxed all day so I'll feel better tomorrow.

Monday, June 2nd
4M w/ 8x20" pick-ups. Since 20" pick-ups are so close to 100m, I just went to the track and did 1M easy, 2M of 300 easy, 100 surge, and then 1M easy. Mile splits were 8:40, 7:53, 7:34, 8:26 for 32:33 total time. It was ridiculously windy so I had to really work in between the surges. I got really discouraged when I came through the first two miles. Even though the instructions said "easy" I still have a hard time being okay with my current easy pace. Definitely have to change my mentality!
30' bike. 2' easy, 30" hard for the first 25 minutes. Then 20" hard, 10" easy for the last five minutes.

Tuesday, June 3rd 4M easy + 5 x 8" hill sprints. I stayed in our neighborhood as the hill at DBU still has some construction going on at the bottom. No clue what pace I was running through the neighborhood, but I do know I had the IT band/ knee pain from last Saturday on my right leg again. That was really the main ache today; everything else was good enough to work with. I still feel ridiculously slow and out of shape, which I am not a fan of! Hah!
Full body strength. 3 x 10 (week 2) from the strength workout plan I posted a link to last Thursday.

Wednesday, June 4th
Rest day.

Thursday, June 5th
Rest day.

Friday, June 6th
3M + 5x8" hill sprints. Best feeling run in ages. Hardly any aches at all. Still feeling very fatigued and uncoordinated, but I'll take that over aches any day! 8:00, 7:50, 7:34 for the miles. Hill sprints were nice and strong.
Full body strength work. 3x10 of the exercises for the second workout of the week.
3M easy on the treadmill at lunch. This was supposed to be a cross training session, but I really really didn't want to bike or elliptical and Jake said an easy 3 wouldn't hurt if I didn't have pain. :) 8:27, 8:19, 8:12 for the first half, 7:47 for the last half of mile three.

Saturday, June 7th
6M, last 3 miles moderate. Icky run. HOT, humid, super windy. Left quad muscle is really hurting bad (after the run) and right knee bothered me during the run. I actually stopped and paced around about 30 seconds twice over the course of the last 3 miles. Just had to regain breath and cool my face. 25 minutes out, finished in 46:20 something.

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