Week 3- 24M running, 270' x-training

We are back from one of the most tiring trips I have ever been on, haha! Lots of travel issues and late nights! Despite it all, my husband and the athletes he coaches ran personal bests and we had a lot of fun! I managed to get in all of my miles last week and kept the paces in their correct ranges, so two weeks are officially in the books! Just have to keep the ball rolling and let it build up!

This is the lady he coaches just after she qualified for the US Olympic Trials. She ran 1:14:56!

This is my husband finishing out his race. He qualified for the US Championships with a time of 1:08:48.

This is a group of the Texas runners that were in Duluth for the race! We have such a fun group of friends!

This is my husband's best friend, whom he also coaches. Both ran PR's in their matching Adidas kits. :)
Sunday, June 22nd
60' bike before a long day of travel. Still lots of pain on the outside/ back of right knee. Super sore on both calves as well?!

Monday, June 23rd
5M easy run + 6 x 8" hill sprints. I ran on the gravel trail at DBU. Kept things nice and relaxed, and I felt really good energy/ strength-wise! Same problem with the outside/back of my right knee, and both shins were a bit sore, but not too bad.

Tuesday, June 24th
Rest day.

Wednesday, June 25th
Full chiro warm up.
2M warm up, 2M tempo, 2M cool down. 16:24, 13:05 (6:27, 6:38), 15:30. Did the entire workout on our neighborhood loop with Jake as a pacer (he is THE best!!)! The warm up went off without a hitch. Really kept things relaxed on the first mile (8:45!!!) and then on the second mile I threw in a few surges and tried to pick it up a bit. Did some drills and two strides and then we started the tempo. I felt GREAT thru the first half mile, but then lactic acid started to hit. By the time I finished the first mile, I was empty and felt like I was running through quick sand! Yikes! Ended up averaging 6:32 pace, which is actually the slow end of my adjusted pace range for 75 degrees, 91% humidity. Since the "tempo" (more like a race) was not as good as we hoped, we added 4 x 2:30 easy, 30" quick to the last two miles. Those paces were upper 5:30's to mid 5:50's. 
60' bike. I mimicked the run, so 20' easy, 20' high effort, 20' easy.
3 x 6 weights circuit A. Too tired to do this in the morning so I knocked it out at lunch.

Thursday, June 26th
90' bike. I did 60' before work and 30' during lunch since I overslept. It worked out for the best though because I was still a bit fatigued for my morning bike, but I killed the lunchtime one. I did 2:30 easy, 30" hard for the entire 30 minutes and really pushed the tempo.

Friday, June 27th
5M easy run + 6 x 8" hill sprints. Got it all in. Nothing crazy to report. My shins were KILLER today (both), but especially the left!
60' bike.

Saturday, June 28th
8M progression. Got in the run, but took a massage/ stretch break after 4 miles and 6 miles. My TFL has really gotten bad and always seems to be much worse out at the Trinity Loop. No Garmin, so I had to go by loop splits, and brilliant me didn't get the 3rd split and deleted the times after my run. Based on the overall time, I averaged 7:56 pace and my last ~2.2 mile loop was 7:03 pace. The first loop was like 8:50 average!! :/ TFL and stomach were the worst today. In fact, not even doing weights, core, or my bike because of my stomach. Hopefully it's better tomorrow!
3 x 6 weights circuit B.
60' bike.

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