Week 1- 20M running, 110' x-training

21 weeks out from what will hopefully be my peak fall race!

Last week I hit 20 miles for the first time, so this week we're looking for a repeat... but without the unplanned double I threw in last week! Instead of doing 4, 4, 3 + 3, 6; I'm looking to do 4, 6, 4, 6, still taking three days off for the week. As I've told Jake, I am really tired of running and not getting in better shape, so we decided to focus on lengthening the runs a little sooner than Hudson's plan calls for. Of course, I will definitely back off if I feel it's getting too risky health-wise.

I needed this reminder. Hope it helps a few of you as well. :)

Sunday, June 8th
Total rest day. My left quad muscle has been killing me and I think it's from the split squats I did in Friday morning's strength workout. Trying to nurse it back to health so no cross training distractions! :)

Monday, June 9th
6M + 5 x 8" hill sprints. This run was like an unexpected early present on Christmas Eve! It was 69 degrees (instead of the usual upper 70's), a cool breeze, clouds covering the sun, AND I wore my Sauconys instead of my clunky Hoka's. All of that combined and I had my most natural run since starting back. I felt like myself again and it was SO nice! I ran on the gravel trail at DBU, which is about 1.3 miles. Assuming 1.3 is accurate, I ran 7:24 pace for the last 5.2 miles of the run! Which means even if the distance is off, it was still a solid pace! I felt really strong on the hill sprints too!

Tuesday, June 10th
4M w/ 8 x 150m surge, 250m natural after the second mile.8:18, 8:06, 7:37, 7:27 for 31:28 total. I am so grateful for these two cooler, lower humidity days. They have given me a vote of mental confidence so I don't feel as discouraged about my training. I didn't run as hard on the 150m surges as I did on the 100m surges last week, but it was still a solid pace change and it allowed me to maintain a normal run in between each one.
Full body strength. 3x8 from the same strength plan I've been doing.

Wednesday, June 11th
Rest day.

Thursday, June 12th
Full chiropractor warm-up. I've actually been doing this every day but decided if I start including it on my notes it will hold me more accountable. :) It takes about 15 minutes so it's not terribly quick.
40' steady cross training during lunch. I spent 33 minutes on the bike and 7 on the elliptical. For some reason it was causing pain underneath my knee on the inside. For the middle 20 minutes I kept my HR above 160, the rest of the time it was between 145 and 160.
30' fartlek cross training after work.
3x8 full body strength. Session 2 from my same strength plan.

Friday, June 13th
Full chiropractor warm-up. Timed it today and it took exactly 15 minutes. Definitely gets my HR up!
4M + 5 x 8" hill sprints. I want to work to where all of my daily runs are sub 7:57 pace (McMillan calculator's slow end of the easy run pace range for a 1:25 half). I don't expect to run that every day from here on out, but I do want to be consistently there for the last two months before race day in November. With that in mind, I started a little quicker than usual and ran 7:40 for my first mile (probably closer to 7:55 since my loop is about 30m short) and kept the pace pretty steady finishing in 30:11 (again, probably closer to 31 for the full four miles). 31 minutes is 7:45 pace which is well under my range! Feeling full of gratitude for the health God has given me this week! It has been so rejuvenating to go out for runs without terrible pain the whole time!!
60' cross training. I spent the first 40' on the bike and the last 20' on the elliptical. No surges, just a good steady effort for the full hour.

Saturday, June 14th
Minimal warm-up. The warm-up my chiro gave me involves a lot of laying down or putting hands on the ground and there was glass on the concrete, etc.
6M w/ 3 x 5' steady, 2' recovery after 25'. I wore my Hoka's and ran on the gravel loop in Ft Worth. Bad combination!! A little shin pain, but other than that, just a hard run. I found a training pace chart that allows you to enter the temp and humidity and get equivalent paces. My first 25' easy needed to be between 7:52 and 8:12 and the steady states needed to be between 7:11 and 7:31 (without 75* and 85% humidity, paces would be 7:38 to 7:57 and 6:58 to 7:18, respectively). My first 25' averaged out to 7:59 pace; 5' steady segments were 7:24, 7:13, 7:22. I ran the 5' parts very poorly though... Killer first 2 minutes, then coast the last three minutes. First time in a Garmin this training season though!

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