Feeling great!! (85 minutes)

My feet, ankles, shins, knees, etc feel the BEST they have felt in ages! I feel like a kid when I run because it is totally pain free! I love it! Since I have so much time until we plan to start training again, I am going to INCH my way forward! I got in 75 minutes of running last week - This week I'm planning on 85! :)

Monday, September 22nd
20' run + strength circuit. Nice comfortable run on the grass track, followed 2 sets by a new strength circuit. Entire workout was at noon so I felt a bit sluggish and my stomach was uncomfortable. Other than that it was a good workout.

Tuesday, September 23rd
60' cycle class. This is my favorite cycle class every week. Definitely the most challenging cycle instructor I go to.

Wednesday, September 24th
45' cycle class + 20' run + strength circuit. Running after cycle class has actually been great for me. By the time I start my run, my HR is already elevated and I'm plenty loose. I knocked this run out on a loop in the 24 hour fitness parking lot and I timed each loop. I started out running around 2:10 for the loops and the last 4 were closer to 1:50, so I assumed it was pretty close to a quarter mile. Checked MapMyRun and it showed 0.27M! Obviously that's not 100% accurate, but that means I ran somewhere between 7:40 and 8:00 pace. For me, the longer the run is, the easier it is to average a solid pace; so to average sub 8 for such a short run was very exciting! Still not in any pain, though I did feel a little uneven today. Felt like my left leg was moving differently than my right leg.

Thursday, September 25th
30' cycle class + 30' core class + 20' run. No issues with my workout this morning. My throat is hurting pretty bad right now though, so hopefully that passes today!

Friday, September 26th
Rest day. Was in Columbus with my parents, so I went to the pool with my mom and got in some light aqua jogging and pool strength!

Saturday, September 26th
25' run. This ended up being a great run! I can only run on the track when I'm by myself in Columbus (I'm a scaredy cat when it comes to dogs in the country!), so I decided to do 3 miles on the track, assuming that would be about 25 minutes. I ended up coming through 3 miles in 23:38, so I just ran easy to finish out the last minute or so. Super happy with this week of running! 20 to 25 minutes is not much, but if I gradually inch up my minutes and I continue running 8:00 pace or less, I will eventually work my way back to decent mileage at a decent pace!

Sunday, September 27th
Rest day. Travel back to Dallas from spending the weekend in Columbus!

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