Not much running yet (106 minutes)

I'm still not going to do much running this week. I felt fantastic on my first run last week (after a week and a half off), but each subsequent run something new begin to ache again. My foot came back first, then my shin, then my left thigh, then my hip flexors. That being said, nothing was bad and I'm not running hard, often, or long, so I don't believe I can make anything worse. I'm going to stick to 3 runs per week this week and keep them broken up and short.

Monday, September 8th
40' of 5' running, 2' walking + 2 x 2k rowing + 3 x 12 lower body weights

Tuesday, September 9th
60' Cycle class + 3 x 12 upper body weights

Wednesday, September 10th
40' of 7' running, 3' walking + 2k rowing + core

Thursday, September 11th
Rest Day

Friday, September 12th
Rest Day

Saturday, September 13th
28' of 3' running, 1' walking + 22' elliptical + core

Sunday, September 14th
25' running + core

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