Back to reality (68 minutes)

I'm back in the swing of things and my feet are fully recovered from San Diego! :) I have made it a goal to get back in the habit of at least 60 minutes of cardio five days a week. I've also decided to only run when I feel no pain (soreness and new aches are okay; just no "pain" or recurring aches). The goal is to be ready to train with a clean bill of health in 2015!

Sunday, August 31st
Rest day (SUPER sore from the Nike Training Club class!!)

Monday, September 1st
Core circuit + 20' rowing + 20' running (treadmill) + 20' spinning
*No foot, shin, knee, or hip pain while running*

Tuesday, September 2nd
60' Spin class

Wednesday, September 3rd
30' of 4' running, 1' walking (outside) + 60' Nike Training Club class
*Slight foot pain (L), hip flexor pain (L,R), knee pain (R) towards end of run*

Thursday, September 4th
20' core circuit + 60' Spin class

Friday, September 5th
60' Total Body Conditioning class

Saturday, September 6th
30' of 8' running, 3' walking (outside)

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