Ready for another week! (45 minutes)

Last week I was able to get in two measured runs, both of which were sub 8:00 pace! I'm happy to know I'm not crawling out there! I still have 3 months left to build up the durability of my body and get ready to tackle a normal training season, so I'm only adding 5 minutes and some strides this week. Slow and steady progress! :)

Monday, September 29th
60' bodypump class.
20' run. Nothing crazy here. No major pains, just the same sore arches and achy left groin. Definitely nothing to be concerned about!

Tuesday, September 30th
90' at home workout from Fitness Blender.
*Chiropractor appointment. Lots of deep, deep, deep massage on my butt and hip flexor - My glutes are not activating right now due to tension in places it shouldn't be, so I have some homework to do!

Wednesday, October 1st
45' spin class.
25' run + 2 strides. Same as Monday in terms of aches, but this run was definitely faster. I ran on my 0.27M loop for six laps and then made a bigger loop; but I hit that sixth lap at 11:59, which means I was plenty under 8:00 pace for the first half of the run. Followed it with some drills and two quick strides, which I felt nice and strong on.

Thursday, October 2nd
30' spin class + 30' core class.
*Corrective Exercise appointment.

Friday, October 3rd
Rest day.

Saturday, October 4th
Unplanned rest day. Tried running but had bad ankle pains and had to walk home after about half a mile.

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