Adding some quality (13M)

Last week went really well despite being out of town! I am only adding 5 minutes this week, but I am trying to make my runs more quality so I think it will be plenty for now!

Monday, October 13th
25 minutes progressive. Ran in our neighborhood on my usual loop. Each mile I cut down and then after I finished the third mile I just jogged it out to finish up the 25 minutes. 8:44, 7:28, 6:46 for the three mile splits. The inside of my right foot hurt really bad again, but only for the first mile or so. After that, the pain fizzled out and I didn't notice it anymore. My ankle and lower shin are a bit stiff and sore now though, so I will be applying oils every 2-3 hours today. Same ol' same ol' with the left hip flexor.
45 minute aqua jog.

Tuesday, October 14th
Super intense CES session working on rectus femoris and TFL. Both have a lot of strong scar tissue.

Wednesday, October 15th
20 minutes progressive. 8:51, 7:45, 6:36 pace for the last 3:23. I worked hard on the last portion, but it really only added up to half a mile so the run as a whole ends up being a normal pace, averaging 7:58. Lots of tenderness in my left rectus femoris insertion at the hip, and some weakness on the outside bottom portion of my left knee. 
30 minute aqua jog. Planned on 45 minutes but that hip flexor/ rectus femoris pain is pretty intense after yesterday's work.

Thursday, October 16th
25 minutes easy + 4 strides. Hip flexor/ rectus femoris insertion was little better today. Energy wise I felt fantastic, but I kept it nice and easy. Ran in lane 8 on the track to avoid temptations to time myself! One thing I want to focus on while my mileage is so low is cadence. I know mine is too slow, and I also know that can contribute to an increase in injury risk.

Friday, October 17th
8M bike ride in the morning + 5M bike ride in the evening.

Saturday, October 18th
30 minute progressive run at the lake. 8:17, 7:31, 7:07, 6:54. I was definitely working myself on that last mile, but my goal was to get in 4 miles so I knew it had to be around 7:00 for that last mile. Snuck in the full 4 and had a few seconds to spare! Nothing hurt on this run. :)

Sunday, October 19th
Rest day.

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