Keeping the focus on January (16M)

I'm trying not to let myself panic or feel rushed right now. Last week is the slowest 5k I've run since high school and it felt absolutely terrible. I am extremely out of shape right now, that's for sure.

BUT. We decided a while back that I would take everything day by day and very slow until January, even if that meant not running. I AM running, so I need to take that as a positive and keep my focus on January. No sense in panicking over a slow 5k when I have done nothing to merit a decent 5k. You can't run 2.5 to 4 miles nice and relaxed every other day and still expect to run a respectable race. That's the whole point of doing workouts and building up mileage!! Keeping things laid back and under control this week - Just like we planned!

Monday, October 27th
4M easy. I ran the first three super slow like I did on Saturday, but since I was on the track and could manage my pace, I decided to run the last mile at tempo pace (~30" slower than 5k pace). First three miles were just under 9:00 pace (~2:00 slower than 5k pace, but that was not intentional), and last mile was 7:30 on the nose. I was extremely surprised by how nice and easy it felt to drop from 9:00 pace to 7:30 pace and I think I will make this a more regular habit. Shins were still a big pain but feet are feeling better.
60' aquajog.

Tuesday, October 28th
Rest day.

Wednesday, October 29th
4M easy. I ran in the neighborhood and didn't wear a garmin, so mile times were based on where I recall the 2M marker to be (I ran to the 2M area, then turned around and ran it backwards). 18:40 thru two miles...Shins were KILLING me on the first mile, then felt better after that. Next mile was around 8:50 and last mile was 7:15... Felt just as nice as Monday's last mile. I have travel legs and travel fatigue from waking up at 4:30 this morning and driving 4 hours back to Dallas!

Thursday, October 30th
3M easy. I ran 25 minutes on the grass track this morning. Jake's girls were with me for the first mile which was about 8:00 pace. After that, I had like 6 minutes solo and then I finished it out with one of his juniors. Was never a "relaxed" run in the sense that I was having trouble holding conversation, but was also not so hard that I needed to stop when we finished. I think I have a hard time getting my legs and breath back under control when I start runs at a higher effort than I should. Shins are still sore (they get better as I run) and I also have a strong, pinpoint pain just below my left knee.
40' aquajog. Stopped 20' earlier than I planned because of my left hip flexor and the spot below my knee.

Friday, October 31st
Rest day.

Saturday, November 1st
Rest day on accident. Started feeling nauseous on Friday afternoon and went to bed feeling that way. Barely slept because I started actually having pains in my stomach, not just feeling queasy. Didn't get better all day - the pain spots just jumped around. At one point I thought I had appendicitis! Definitely couldn't run! It's a good thing my weeks run Monday to Sunday now!

Sunday, November 2nd
5M easy. Ran 45 minutes at WRL which was well over 5 miles, but I wanted to be extra sure I got the full distance in. I had a lot of aches and pains on this run, but I think it was because of the weather (the feels like temp was below 40). Most of the stronger pains were on my left side, and I think 3 of them were all tied to my IT band, so if I can clear that up, it will knock out of lot of the aches. Both shins are still bad, but I see my CES on Tuesday so I am feeling confident it will pass shortly. :) Super excited to have gotten in all my runs this week, including this 5 miler! 

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