Balancing structure with patience (90 minutes)

I have returned from injury the wrong way time after time over the past 4 years. I don't think I have trained consistently for more than 6 months before having to rest for injuries again.

In saying that, I realize that 1. I am still young for a female distance runner and 2. I am not going to get any younger. If I do want to work my way back to a competitive level, I can't afford to keep stopping and starting for new injuries... I need to be able to train consistently for multiple years in order to really get where I want to be. In order to do that, I have to do my build-up right; I can't rush my body into training that it's not prepared to handle.

Luckily, like I said, I'm still young for a female distance runner. I have time to go slowly and really listen to my body. The former competitive athlete in me wants to be on a schedule and have a plan. I thrive on structure and would be thrilled if I knew today exactly what I would be running three months from now. At the same time, it's schedules and plans that tempt me to cross lines my body isn't ready to cross.

So... Here is my plan. Set a conservative "schedule" outlining when and what to run during the week, but being flexible enough to swap days and trim runs when I feel I need to. I am going to be honest with myself for the sake of having a good, long training season when I get back into things!

Monday, October 6th
40 minute bike with Jake followed by 20 minutes running. Shin hurt (right was worst) and left groin is still bothering me, but ankle was completely normal so no issues there! My "groin" hurts without weight bearing. If I am sitting on a chair and lift my knee toward my chest I have strong pain in the spot that hurts.

Tuesday, October 7th
Rest day. Bad rib cage pain on the right side - maybe gallbladder?

Wednesday, October 8th
25 minute run + 30 minute aqua jog. Ran on the track in yucky weather for 7 am in October! 75 degrees and 99% humidity! Broke the run into thirds - easy, moderate, hard - and ran 9:20, 7:40, 6:55 then jogged it out to finish the 25 minutes.

Thursday, October 9th
Rest day. Fasting for abdominal ultrasound.

Friday, October 10th
20 minute run + 3 strides + 25 minute aqua jog. Ran in downtown Columbus so no measurements. I felt like I was moving pretty good, but my legs were super heavy and tight so I may have been going slower than it felt. Inside of right foot hurt pretty bad in the middle, but it gradually eased up. Left groin is still hurting; not just when running. Any time I bring my knee up towards my chest I have the same pain.

Saturday, October 11th
25 minute run + 35 minute aqua jog. Ran on the track in Columbus again. Broke up the run into 5' easy, 10' of 1' hard/ 1' easy, 8' steady, 2' easy. Mile splits were 8:20, 7:20, 6:55, then I just jogged around the parking lot to finish out my time. No new aches at. Same pain in left hip flexor.

Sunday, October 12th
50' aqua jog.

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