My husband is a rockstar (19M)

This weekend my husband's women's team won their 8th consecutive conference championship! They now have the 2nd longest conference winning streak in all of D2; the only team with a longer streak is the number one team in the nation, Grand Valley State! He works so hard and I couldn't be more proud of him!

The plan this week is to add another 2 miles to last week's total. I'm really excited to be running 5 days per week again and I believe it's only a matter of time before consistent runs will start to improve my fitness.

Monday, November 9th
4M run + 2 hill sprints. Ran on the gravel trail for 20 minutes and the grass track for the last portion. Shins were hurting again, but I imagine that's from pavement on Saturday and Sunday. Going to take extra good care of them all day! Strength-wise, it wasn't nearly as bad as yesterday's run. I didn't feel fast or light by any means, but my legs didn't feel like concrete. :)

Tuesday, November 10th
60' cross training before work + 30' cross training during lunch. In the morning I did 30' elliptical, 15' rowing, 15' stair climber. My heart rate was around 155 on the elliptical and stair climber, and around 135 on the rower. Got in a 30 minute bike during lunch. Left shin is still sore today, but I'm taking care of it.

Wednesday, November 11th
5M run. Ran on the Katy Trail by myself. Only got one mile split (used the quarter mile markers on the trail towards the middle of my run) and that mile was 7:30. Total run was probably about a quarter mile short of 5 miles though because I started very easy. Shins hurt but other than that I felt good.

Thursday, November 12th
Rest day.

Friday, November 13th
50 minutes in the pool. I did pool running for the first 30 minutes, then switched to form drills and such in the shallower end because my flotation belt was bothering me. The high knees and butt kicks, etc were still a good workout.
4M run. Ran on the track in Columbus... Today is my dad's birthday so some of my extended family and myself are here to celebrate. First two miles were really relaxed... It's been in the 30's all day so my shins especially were stiff. When I turned around halfway it was 17:50; finished the run in 33:25 with an 8:15 mile then a 7:20 mile. The whole run felt very nice effort wise... Just need to knock out this shin pain.

Saturday, November 14th
50 minutes in the pool. 45 minute aqua jog followed by 5 minutes of deep stretching.
5M run. I ran through some neighborhoods by the track in Columbus. Shins hurt really bad the whole time, also my left groin/ quad, and the outside of my right knee were hurting. I'm hoping things were just flared up from the cooler weather. I didn't necessarily feel bad on the run, I just had so many pains that I didn't run as smoothly or with as much pop as I would have liked.

Sunday, November 15th
1M run. Made it through a mile and decided I was being dumb and immature by still running. My shins are really bad, and now is not the time to be pushing through pains. The whole point of the remainder of this year is to knock out all of my aches and pains. Hoping for better luck Tuesday!

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