Happy Thanksgiving!! (23M)

Monday, November 24th
60' bike at lunch
60' bike in the evening
(right ankle/ achilles hurts really bad)

Tuesday, November 25th
90' bike at lunch (still too much achilles/ ankle pain to run)

Wednesday, November 26th
60' bike before work
5.5M run during lunch (7:54, 7:33, 7:27, 7:30, 7:10 for middle 5 miles; still have the achilles pain)

Thursday, November 27th
5M run while Jake races + 4 sets of bodyweight strength circuit

Friday, November 28th
Rest day - SORE!!

Saturday, November 29th
6.5M run at Katy Trail (first 3 miles averaged 8:45 pace, then 7:50, 7:20, 6:54 for the last 3 miles)

Sunday, November 30th
5M run on the grass track (fatigued and had mild to moderate shin pain)

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