Still holding on! (18M)

Last week was a bit of a mixed bag in terms of running, but I have really positive feelings about it! I had several aches and pains pop up or get worse, which is the negative aspect; but at the same time, all of them got better as I worked into my runs, so I was able to get everything in! Part of me thinks I'm going to have to run through some of these aches for a little while in order for them to go away, so if I can keep the effort easy and mileage progression slow, I should be able to clear everything up before I am ready to train in January. I want to add a 5th run to my week and don't want to add more than 2 miles a week, so this week will be a repeat of last week's breakdown, just with an extra 2 mile run.

Monday, November 3rd
3M easy run. I ran with Jake's girls on the grass track. We started fairly easy (probably around 8:20 pace) but it felt like Sarah and I were moving pretty good for the second half. It was an unmeasured run so I just ran for time. The only thing that hurt today was my shins. This time the right one was worse than the left one, but my IT band didn't bother me on the left side either. Weird, but I'll take it!
20' in the pool. Spent about 15 of those minutes aquajogging, the rest of the time was kicking or stretching. Stomach was really bothering me and with my flotation belt around my stomach it made it feel really hard to breathe. Super weird!

Tuesday, November 4th
3M easy run. Ran with Jake's girls on the grass track again! Shins are still killing me and the side of my left knee is super sore to touch. Doesn't hurt too bad on the run, just very tender. Working on knocking out both of those spots! Runs have felt good though... Feel like I am running, not clumsily and uncoordinated-ly jogging. :)
15' HARD bike + 3 sets of push-ups and calf raises. I know this sounds like a wasted workout; but, it got my heart rate way up, muscles shaking, and whole body sweating, so I give it a thumbs up!

Wednesday, November 5th
45' AM cross training. This morning I did 25 minutes on the elliptical, 10 minutes on the rower, and 10 minutes on the stair climber. I worked at a very high intensity at each machine. Hoping to get in some time at the pool or our bike at home later today if my stomach and IT band will take it!
*follow up note: no cross training later in the day due to stomach issues. not sure why, but it gets messed up every single day now.

Thursday, November 6th
4M easy run. Ran with Jake's girls again! It rained a ton on Tuesday and Wednesday so we weren't able to use the grass track, but I did spend half of the time on our gravel trail, which was super soft from all the rain. Shins didn't bother me until about 10 minutes in, so I think the oils I was using made a big difference! I will try to be more consistent with using them. Really good run though and I followed it up with a few drills which was nice. 

Friday, November 7th
Rest day... Neck hurt too bad to run.

Saturday, November 8th
5M run. Ran with Sarah, Jake's assistant coach. There was a nice bike path right outside their hotel that we used. It was pavement, but my shins didn't bother me the entire run. The first time I felt them was later in the morning when I was running at the cross country meet. The run itself was just right going out, but on the way back it completely drained me. Not sure if that was from pace and lack of fitness or the wind that was against us; but I was beyond glad when it was over!

Sunday, November 9th
2M easy run. Quick little shakeout on our neighborhood loop. Aerobically I felt great, but man, every.thing.else. felt like poop. My arms and my legs felt like concrete blocks. Extremely sluggish today. Shins were sore, but nothing too bad at all. 

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