A week in Phoenix (22.3M)

Monday, December 15th
Rest day

Tuesday, December 16th
40' elliptical (avg HR 147)
40' run with 20" fartleks at 80%, recovering to 70% (4.57M, avg pace 8:45, avg HR 157, cadence 173, got in 12 total surges)

Wednesday, December 17th
25' easy + strides (2.8M, avg pace 8:56, avg HR 157, cadence 175, 6 x 10-15" strides averaging 5:30 pace)

Thursday, December 18th
40' run with hilly fartlek up to 80%, recovering to 70% (4.4M, avg pace 9:05, avg HR 156, got in 8 hilly segments each about 45"; set the incline to 3% and climbed until HR hit 168, then leveled it off to flat until HR dropped to 155)

Friday, December 19th
1M run easy (8:21 pace, avg HR 141 - Shins were a bit achy and it was going to be an "extra" run, so I just dropped it)

Saturday, December 20th
25' easy(2.85M, avg pace 8:46, avg HR 160, cadence 172 - Was supposed to be a steady run but I was feeling sick and my stomach was super unsettled)

Sunday, December 21st
60' easy + strides (7.08M, avg pace 8:28, avg HR 160, cadence 172 - Ran at Seabrook trails; super pretty and felt great for the first half, then had to slow down to keep HR in range. First three miles were 8:25, 8:13, 8:14)

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