Finishing up our two weeks of travel (29.5M)

Monday, December 22nd
30' easy + strides (3.27M, 9:10 avg pace, avg HR 160, cadence 170 - Felt like total trash; no pains, just thought I was moving good and instead I was crawling; May have been humidity as it was early morning in Hull)

Tuesday, December 23rd
60' aquajog
50' with 20" fartlek (20' easy at 8:35 pace for 2.33M, 152bpm; 30' of ~20" surge, recovering to 155bpm, 3.4M averaging 8:49 pace, 162bpm)

Wednesday, December 24th
60' aquajog

Thursday, December 25th
50' with hilly fartlek + drills (5.46M, avg pace 9:09, avg HR 157, 20' easy, then surged uphill to reach 168bpm, recovered downhill ensuring HR dropped to 155 or less)

Friday, December 26th
30' easy (3.41M, avg pace 8:48, avg HR 157, cadence 172; ran on the Town Lake trail in Austin on our way home... I love it there. Nothing hurt the whole run until the end when my ankle started bothering me; felt almost as if I'd sprained it but I don't remember doing anything to it)

Saturday, December 27th
32' with steady portion after 15' (15' easy at 75% - 1.72M, avg pace 8:43, avg HR 159, cadence 172; 17' steady at 80% - 1.89M, avg pace 9:00, 82' elevation gain, avg HR 168, cadence 171)

Sunday, December 28th
8M easy at 75% (avg pace 8:57, avg HR 162, avg cadence 171)

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