Training by HR again! (16.7M)

Monday, December 8th
35' run @ 60-75%(3.83 miles; 9:08 avg pace; avg HR 156; avg cadence 176... Nothing hurt too badly during the run; shins were sore and right hip/ glute is still bugging me)
50' bike @ 70-80% (avg HR 156)

Tuesday, December 9th
60' bike @ 60-75% (avg HR 156)
30' elliptical @ 60-80% (avg HR 139)
*Left shin is KILLING me today. Could be the weather though?*

Wednesday, December 10th
90' bike @ 70-80% (avg HR 155, which includes 5' w/u and 5' c/d. HR was above 160 most of the ride)

Thursday, December 11th
20' run @ 60-75% (2.66 miles; 9:24 avg pace; avg HR 154; avg cadence 173... left shin is better today than yesterday, but still sore, as is the outside of my right hip)
40' bike @ 70-80%
40' elliptical @ 70-80%
CES appointment
***I learned today that I have been doing a few things wrong with this HR training. 1) My max HR is higher than what I predicted, so my runs should range between 141 and 162, whereas I've been trying slowing down every time it got up to 157. Going forward, I'll wait to slow down until it gets up to 162. 2) Since my runs are going to be so easy, I should be doing 6 to 8 x 10-15 second fast but easy strides after all easy runs to balance out the effect it has on my biomechanics. 3) I should be letting my effort go up to 80% twice a week by doing 50-100m surges. This means my HR can go up to 168 on those days. I should also be doing 2 sets of 20m drills on these days.There's a lot more, but those are the most important things for now! :) Taking notes from Roy T. Benson's book "Coach Benson's Secret Workouts: Coachly wisdom for runners about effort-based training".

Friday, December 12th
Rest day

Saturday, December 13th
20' run @ 70-80% effort (1M warm up with avg HR 156, pace 9:25; 1.8M steady with avg HR 166, cadence 173, avg pace 8:42)
25' shakeout run @ 60-75% effort (3M, avg pace 8:25, avg HR 161, cadence 175)

Sunday, December 14th
40' run @ 70-80% effort (4.4M, 9:05 pace, avg HR 160, cadence 175)
60' elliptical @ 70% HR (avg HR 154)

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