Down week (16M)

Monday, December 1st
60' elliptical before work (avg HR 155) 
60' easy bike after work (avg HR 125)
Felt beyond exhausted all day... took multiple horizontal breaks!

Tuesday, December 2nd
4M run before work (last 2 miles in 15:17, didn't get a time for the first 2 miles... pressed the wrong button on my watch; shins hurt to start but got better during the run)
60' elliptical during lunch (avg HR 162)

Wednesday, December 3rd
60' bike during lunch (avg HR 140. shins hurt too bad to run this morning)

Thursday, December 4th
4M run before work (I think we averaged about 7:15 pace on the first 3M of the run... It was more like tempo effort for me, so I backed off the pace after Jake's girls stopped. Shins hurt, but not nearly as bad as yesterday)
40' elliptical during lunch (avg HR 149) + 20' strength work

Friday, December 5th
Rest day

Saturday, December 6th
4M run in the morning (DBU trail; right hip and right ankle hurt really bad?!?!; avg HR 159, cadence 173. Trying to keep my HR under 160 for most runs for the next month or two.)
60' bike in the evening

Sunday, December 7th
4M run in the morning
30' bike in the morning
60' elliptical at noon

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