It's snowing and we are stuck in the house...

Impromptu rest week due to snow and ice. I can't get to the AlterG and my hamstring tendon isn't ready for more of the bike yet. Might as well make this 7 days of total rest. I've had 10 days of low impact training since I stopped running, so adding 7 days of total rest and then 10 more days of low impact training would put me at 27 days and it would be time to start running on land again.

Monday, February 23rd - Friday, February 27th
Total rest. Planks and core exercises on a couple of the days.

Saturday, February 28th
Warm up drills, 10' progressive bike, Myrtle routine, 10' fartlek bike, back strength circuit, 10' fartlek bike... ~65 minutes of continuous work

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