Trying the AlterG (12.75M)

Monday, February 16th
30 minutes on the AlterG in the morning (avg HR 130, avg pace 7:30, total distance 4M)
70 minute bike in the evening

Tuesday, February 17th
50 minute bike (avg HR 160)

Wednesday, February 18th
30 minutes on the AlterG at noon (3 x 1M @ 6:00 pace, avg HR 164, avg pace 6:38, total distance 4.6M. Foot felt fine but insertions behind my knee are feeling a bit strained.)

Thursday, February 19th
Rest day

Friday, February 20th
60 minutes strength + core in the morning (myrtl routine, back routine, upper body strength, core strength, etc)
30 minutes on the AlterG at noon (60" uphill surges @ 6:40 pace with incline 10%, avg pace 7:14, avg HR 158, total distance 4.15M, strain behind knees significantly greater. Glad I have a couple days off before I can use the AlterG again. Foot felt good though.)

Saturday, February 21st
30 minutes strength + core (Planned to bike but didn't feel well. Thought I had a fever but it was actually super low... 95.8!)

Sunday, February 22nd
Rest day

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