Stress reaction again... (6M)

Monday, February 9th
50 minute bike (avg HR 160)

Tuesday, February 10th
2M warm up, 4x800m, 400m rec. jog, 1M cool down (warm up 8:02 avg pace, 162 avg HR; 800's in 3:24, 3:23, 3:20, 3:19, avg pace for workout 7:19, avg HR 179; cool down 8:50 avg pace... ran on the hilly neighborhood loop; left foot felt worst at very end)

Wednesday, February 11th
60 minute bike (avg HR 162... x ray shows stress reaction in 5th metatarsal, doctor says it's mild and I can continue running, but given my history, running on a stress reaction seems like asking for longer recovery time)

Thursday, February 12th
90 minute bike (avg HR 162)

Friday, February 13th
Drills + body weight leg strength + 1M run (wasn't planning to run and stopped as soon as my foot started hurting... in Seattle for the weekend and couldn't pass up a perfect trail)

Saturday, February 14th
Rest day (no access to a gym... legs are sore from strength work yesterday)

Sunday, February 15th
Rest day (no access to a gym still)

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