Week 3 (24M - 3:23 running, 1:15 x-training)

Monday, June 29th
4M with last mile strong. [MVCC, Lunar Fly, DP 71.1, H 79%, T 78.1]  Average pace was 8:24. 9:09, 8:35, 8:34, 7:16. I felt fine on this run, but not like yesterday. My "butt" hurt on every step (hamstring tendons) and my shins hurt. I still feel heavy (makes sense) and choppy in my stride as well. All of it makes sense... I am heavier than I was last time I ran and I'm out of shape. No rolled ankles today, though, so that's a plus!
Weights. 5' warm up on bike, 2 x 5 leg press, hamstring curl, bench press, shoulder press, calf raises.
15' lap swimming.
Chiropractor Appointment. Dry needling (left lower back, upper hamstring), massage (left shin), vibration platform, hot laser (left shin).

Tuesday, June 30th
Rest day.
CES Appointment with Rhonda. Lots of Neuro Stim, plus some hamstring and back massage.

Wednesday, July 1st
6M easy. [MVCC, Lunar Fly, DP 70, H 84%, T 75] Average pace was 8:38. 9:26, 8:48, 8:26, 8:35, 8:22, 8:13. Crummy crummy run... but mostly for mental reasons. Everything hurt so bad that I felt like I couldn't run any better (faster) and up until the last mile I wasn't out of breath... I felt like I was wasting time and almost stopped. My paces were way faster than I expected them to be though. I really hope I can get rid of these pains soon. Left foot, both hamstring tendons.

Thursday, July 2nd
4M with last mile strong. [Track, Stinson, DP 71.6, H 100%, T 71.6] Average pace was 8:36. 9:17, 9:01, 8:43, 7:26. Left foot was really bad today, right foot also started hurting for the first time (same place). Both hamstring tendons still very bad as well - left is worse than right. Left shin hurts on the upper half, right shin hurts on the lower half. Run felt fine. Windy outside today... but I was running easy so it wasn't a big deal. Finally ran the last mile "strong" instead of "hard".
Weights. 5' warm up on bike, 2 x 5 leg press, hamstring curl, bench press, shoulder press, calf raises.
15' lap swimming.
Chiropractor Appointment. Dry needling (left butt ligaments), stim (left foot and lower leg), massage (both), and hot laser (left butt ligaments), KT tape along left calf and left hamstring. 

Friday, July 3rd
Rest day.

Saturday, July 4th
6M. [Trinity Trails Loop, Lunar Glide, DP 70.5, H 70%, T 81] Average pace was 8:31. 9:21, 8:45, 8:32, 8:19, 8:04, 8:03. I felt pretty crummy on the first 2 or 3 miles; mostly because of aches and pains. After that I started to settle into the run. My "butt ligaments" (we found out it is not my hamstring tendons, but some really long-named ligament) are still really painful when running, but I can tell that the work Midlothian Spine and Sport did on the left side made a huge difference. Same with my left foot. It still bothered me, but there was significant improvement compared with before Thursday's appointment.

Sunday, July 5th
4M easy + 3 strides. [WRL, Structure, DP 73.0, H 82%, T 79]. Average pace was 8:11. 8:10, 8:09, 8:26, 7:59. I ran the first two miles with two of Jake's girls, hence the 8:10 first mile. At the end of the run I really didn't feel any different than I do after any of my other runs, and honestly, the second mile didn't feel terrible; but I just am not at a place where I can start runs sub 8:30 these days. I think next week I'll have to run a mile first then meet up with them. Butt ligaments felt terriblleeee on and after the run. Strides were really painful and choppy because I felt like I couldn't run right with the way my butt felt. Left foot is still bad, as are both shins (left is worse).

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