Week 4 (20M - 2:48 running, 20' x-training) + New shoes + Illness

Monday, July 6th
4M with last mile strong. [Treadmill, Pegasus]. Average pace was 8:11. 8:44, 8:23, 8:20, 7:30. Felt fine on the run. Nice and controlled. My chest is hurting today; similar to how it would feel with a URI. Left foot was the most painful thing on the run. Butt didn't really bother me; not sure if it was because of how I run on a treadmill or if it's because of how bad my left foot was. 
Weights. 2 x 5 reps squats (40 lb bar), seated hamstring curls (65 lb), calf raises (2 x 12 reps, 20 lb dumbbells), bench press (25 lb dumbbells), military press (10 lb dumbbells), lat pull-downs (2 x 10 reps, 45 lb)
Chiropractor Appointment. Dry needling (left lower back, left sacrotuberous ligament, left calf, left foot), ART (left sacrotuberous ligament), hot laser (left foot), vibration plate with foot roll. He also suggested I run on the treadmill for a few more days in case that is giving my ligaments a break. 

Tuesday, July 7th
Rest day.
CES Appointment with Rhonda. Lots of neuro stim again... She found hot spots all over my sacrotuberous ligament and hamstring tendon, as well as my foot and shin. She also did some massage on my neck and back.

Wednesday, July 8th
6M easy. [Treadmill, Lunar Glide]. Average pace was 8:17. 8:53, 8:36, 8:23, 8:07, 7:58, 7:43. I know this was scheduled as an easy run, but those last 2.5 miles did not feel easy.... I was very tired, ha. I have a weird thing with following patterns on my runs (so on progression runs, if I drop 30 seconds after the first mile and 20 after the second, I'll probably try to drop 10 after the third... that kind of thing), so on the fist couple miles I cut the MPH down by 0.1 every half mile, and then the pace got quick about halfway through but I wanted to continue the pattern. The first half mile was 8:57, the last half mile was 7:43. I wasn't ever breathing too hard, but it was my legs that were worn out. My feet hurt (both) and my butt hurt (both sides), but my shins felt pretty good today; and the pains were all less than they were this time last week.

Thursday, July 9th
4M with last mile strong.
Chiropractor Appointment.
Rest day - Jake got food poisoning late last night; I hardly slept and spent the day feeling queasy myself so no running for either of us.

Friday, July 10th
Rest day. Ate crackers and broth yesterday - definitely not ready to run yet. 

Saturday, July 11th
6M easy.
4M easy + 3 strides (easy, medium, hard). [Track, Launch 2, DP 71.6, H 76%, T 80.2] Average pace was 8:37. 9:03, 8:35, 8:33, 8:16. This was not a fast run by any means whatsoever, BUT it was probably the most comfortable and smooth run I've had in a long, long time. I finally felt like I had a normal stride; my butt wasn't killing me, my foot wasn't killing me, my shins didn't hurt... It was so relieving. I flipped tomorrow's easy run with today's long run since I've lived off of broth, crackers, and soda for the past two days. Strides were easy, medium, hard in 21.88, 20.60, 18.21.

Sunday, July 12th
4M easy + 3 strides.
6M easy. [Treadmill, Launch 2] 8:56, 8:44, 8:37, 8:25, 8:16: 8:06. Another great run in terms of fitness (aka, not out of breath... super comfortable and relaxed), but my left hip flexor started bugging me in the first mile and got worse and worse over the run. And my butt hurts again. On both sides. Boooooo. I was smarter on this run, though, and bumped the pace by .1 every .75M instead of every .5M. It worked just perfectly and I recovered very quickly. HR dropped to 125 by 55 minutes, whereas last week I had to continue walking until 63 minutes! I planned to do some cross training after my run, but since my hip flexor was so painful, I opted to come home and soak in epsom salt instead. 

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