Week 5 (22M - 3:08 running, 1:32 x-training)

Monday, July 13
Rest day. Hip flexor hurt too bad to run.
Chiropractor appointment. Apparently it's my pectineus muscle that's messed up.

Tuesday, July 14
2M easy. [Treadmill, Launch 2] Average pace was 8:44. 8:52, 8:36. Felt good muscularly still and actually planned on doing the 4M progression run from Monday, but my groin started hurting at 1.75 so I stepped off at 2M. 
Weights. 3 x 5 weighted squats, calf raises, bench press, shoulder press, hamstring curl, tricep pushdown.
CES appointment with Rhonda. Lots of deep tissue massage in my lower back and IT band on the left side (same side as the pectineus problem). SI joint was out as well.

Wednesday, July 15
Rest day. Everything hurt still. Not worth pushing through aches at this point.

Thursday, July 16
4M easy. [Track, Launch 2, DP 69.8, H 83%, T 75.4, W 6] Average pace was 8:50. 9:25, 8:47, 8:42, 8:25. Pectineus got worse as the run went on. As it got worse, my right hamstring started bothering me. Didn't feel as fluid on this run, and neither did Jake. I expected to see 100% humidity and high winds based on how it felt, but the weather actually wasn't bad today.
1.5M walk. I've decided I want to try getting my body used to being on my feet for an hour straight, so for a little while I want to try following my runs with a brisk walk until I get to 60 minutes total. Today that left a 25 minute walk. 
Chiropractor Appointment.

Friday, July 17
4M easy. [Treadmill, Launch 2]. Average pace was 8:33. 8:47, 8:28, 8:14, 8:03. Same as usual, but I started .1 mph faster than usual. Every half mile I bumped the pace by .1. Still feeling good aerobically, but not as smooth in terms of form, nor as light in the legs. My butt is back to hurting, but by far the biggest issue right now is my pectineus. Definitely need to stay on top of that treatment. 
1.7M walk. Same as yesterday, just trying to stay on my feet and keep my HR above 60% for a full hour. Checked my HR every five minutes and it ranged from 125 to 135, so averaging right around 65%.
Weights. 3 x 5 weight squats (40lb bar), calf raises (40lb bar), bench press (25lb dumbbells), hamstring curl (69lb), shoulder press (53lb), tricep pushdown (79lb).

Saturday, July 18
4M easy. [Katy Trail, Launch 2, DP 72, H 74%, T 81, W 8]. Average pace was 7:56. 8:15, 7:55, 7:53, 7:40. First mile felt nice, but when I saw the split I knew the way back would be tough! Katy Trail is downhill going out and uphill going back. Thankfully, I managed to maintain just fine on the second and third mile, so it ended up being just a mile of working. My legs felt heavy today, and my pectineus hurt, but it wasn't a bad run overall.
1.5M walk.

Sunday, July 19
8M easy. [WRL, Launch 2, DP 70, H 71%, T 80, W 8]. I left my Garmin at home for this one, so I just ran for time and called it 8 miles. 70 relaxed minutes on the lake. Hip flexor (pectineus) was the most painful, butt ligaments hurt but were overshadowed by the pectinues; same for the shins and my left foot. 

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