Week 7 (32M - 4:26 running, 2:35 x-training)

Monday, July 27
4M with last mile strong. [Track, Adistar Boost, DP 71.6, H 78%, T 78.8]. Average pace was 8:14. 8:59, 8:31, 8:12, 7:14. I felt much better on this than I expected to. In fact, during the first mile my stomach flipped and I thought I'd have to make this my double in order to get to a bathroom!! Came through the second mile feeling fine and decided to finish it out. No kick on the last mile... Trying to practice strong, not hard! Feet and pectineus were the two bigger problem spots today.
1.5M walk.
2M easy. [Treadmill, Launch 2]. Average pace 8:30. Set it to 8:34, then 8:27. Felt good... Amazing how much easier it is to run midday after you've already loosened up.
0.25M walk.
Weights. 3 x 5 reps.

Tuesday, July 28
Rest day.
CES Appointment.

Wednesday, July 29
.75M walk. Did this before my run instead of after because I wasn't sure if I should run today yet.
6M easy. [Track, Launch 2, DP 71.6, H 74%, T 80.6, W 9.2]. Average pace was 8:22. 9:01, 8:41, 8:27, 8:14, 8:01, 7:48. I wanted to run a zero pressure easy run today. Rhonda did a lot of deep, deep tissue work yesterday and I wasn't totally sure I should be running. I decided to enjoy the run and not look at any splits so that I wouldn't be tempted to run hard. On the third mile I estimated 9:30 pace because I was keeping so relaxed and my breathing was good. I had no problem with the slow pace because this is such a big jump in mileage. Turns out I had a textbook progression during the run without even trying! When I saw my last mile as I stopped the watch I was super pumped!! Left pectineus and left foot were the primary pains today.

Thursday, July 30
Rest day. Technically, 20' of 100m jog, 100m walk. Pectineus was really sore so I decided to swap Thursday and Friday so I could get in my chiro treatment before digging the hole deeper.
Chiropractor Appointment.

Friday, July 31
4M with last mile strong. [Katy Trail, Launch 2, DP 72, H 71%, T 82]. Average pace was 8:17. 9:04, 8:25, 8:20, 7:07. Pectineus felt night and day better on this run compared to when I tried yesterday. My legs on the other hand didn't feel so great. Yesterday they felt strong and peppy, today I was feeling super heavy and sluggish. Oh well, miles are in the book regardless! Left shin was bugging me so I'll treat that these next couple of days.
2M easy. [Treadmill, Launch 2]. Average pace was 8:30. 8:34, 8:27. Left foot and left shin were the only things that really bothered me. Left hip has been popping during leg swings before both runs today.
0.25M walk.
Weights. 3 x 5 reps.

Saturday, August 1
4M easy + strides. [Katy Trail, Launch 2, DP 62, H 51%, T 82]. Average pace was 8:27. 8:48, 8:15, 8:28, 8:15. Kept it nice and easy because my glutes/ hamstrings were tight and my shins were achy. Effort level was consistent the entire run, but the 2nd mile is a steady descent, so naturally the third mile is a steady gradual climb which explains the slower 3rd mile. 
1.5M walk.
2M easy. [Treadmill, Adistar Boost]. Average pace was 8:30. 8:34, 8:27. Both shins, left foot, and both glutes are still the culprits. BUT, if you go Sunday to Saturday instead of Monday to Sunday, I've just finished a 32 mile week!! :)
0.25M walk.

Sunday, August 2
8M easy. [WRL, Launch 2, DP 60, H 50%, T 80]. Average pace was 8:13. 8:35, 8:31, 8:26, 8:26, 8:19, 8:03, 7:46, 7:41. The first mile surprised me a bit. I was spooked on the first half mile and picked up the pace just to get to a more open area, and then I guess I settled at quicker pace than I normally would. I decided to try keeping the first six miles around 8:30 pace, but changed that to 8:20-8:30 on my third mile. Then I got mixed up mentally on the sixth mile and thought I had two to go. I picked up the pace and realized halfway through that I had three miles left, not two! So technically the last 2.5 miles were strong, not just the last two miles. Today my left foot hurt (new place... more to the outside) pretty bad for the first half of the run. My butt (I'm guessing the same ligaments) was stiff and and achy as well. Pectineus was good today!

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