Stress & Rest! (20M / 6 runs)

Most things get stronger when you stress them and then rest them, so I'm hope that logic applies to bones as well! Foot started to get worse last Thursday so I took off Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Planning to get back in the swing of things this week!

Monday, September 21
40' elliptical.
3M run + Strength WO1.

Tuesday, September 22
3M run.
50' outdoor bike.
60' indoor bike.

Wednesday, September 23
3M run.
60' elliptical.

Thursday, September 24
Strength WO2.
45' indoor bike.

Friday, September 25
4M run. 3M cutting down, 4th mile alternating 6:39 pace for 0.13M with 8:00 pace for 0.12M.
40' elliptical.

Saturday, September 26
4M run. Progressed throughout run; last mile was 7:16.

Sunday, September 27
3M run.
Strength WO3.

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