Full week of travel (16M / 4 runs)

To Columbus, to Houston, to Columbus, to Laredo, to Columbus, to Dallas! Won't sleep in my bed for over 10 days. Whew!

Monday, October 19th
Rest day - Traveling to Houston.

Tuesday, October 20th
4M run on treadmill. Shin pain and had to stop and rush to the bathroom twice. Stomach is still upset!!

Wednesday, October 21st
4M run on treadmill. Shin pain and messed up stomach still. Shins were slightly better though (been using oils).
10' strength work.

Thursday, October 22nd
Rest day. Stomach was really bad yesterday evening so I went to bed early and then I overslept in the morning. Rest of the day was a travel day so took it off.

Friday, October 23rd
4M run on treadmill. Similar to Wednesday's run. Shins and stomach a bother, but not as bad as they have been.
Strength WO3. Finally a full weights session.

Satruday, October 24th
3M run on treadmill. Shins and stomach still, but this run was the fastest I've done all week. Averaged 8:20 pace; last mile was 7:35.
~1M running at cross country meet. Definitely uptempo pace and all on road. Shins hurt bad on the road.

Sunday, October 25th
Rest day. Storming in the morning and spent the rest of the day driving, so another off day.

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