Can I go 3 in a row? (19M / 5 runs)

Monday, October 5
Hurt my right knee this morning trying to stand up funny. Deep pain on the outer part of the knee cap, mostly while sitting and standing.... slight pain while biking too. Hopefully it's fine on my runs and strength work this week!
60' bike with Jake during lunch. (avg HR 114)
80' indoor bike after work. (avg HR 143)

Tuesday, October 6
3M run. (avg HR 162)
Strength WO1. (avg HR 151)
Knee bugged me on both, but I was able to use it.

Wednesday, October 7
6M run. (avg HR 159) Started at 9:41 pace, bumped it every quarter mile for the first 3 miles, then every half mile for the last three miles. Final half mile was 7:35 pace... total time was 50:14. Hamstrings are tight from yesterday's strength work, but knee was fine.

Thursday, October 8
3M run. (avg HR 153) Felt stiff and heavy on the first mile; better after that.
Strength WO2. (avg HR 142)
Cleanse starting at 8AM.

Friday, October 9
Rest day - Cleanse.

Saturday, October 10
3M run. (avg HR 168) Started WAY too fast for having just rolled out of bed.
Strength WO3. (avg HR 164) Wanted to quit on this one... It was tough!

Sunday, October 11
4M run. (avg HR 160) This one was probably my worst run in months. Very very fatigued... Ran so slow I may as well have been walking and it was still hard! But I was also standing in the sun ALL day yesterday at the fair, and I haven't gotten even 7 hours of sleep in the past several days.

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