Sick!!! (0M / 0 runs)

Monday, November 2nd
Scheduled rest day. (cleanse day - which turned out to be a blessing! woke up at 1am with a stomach bug of some sort.)

Tuesday, November 3rd
Rest day. Ate 5 saltine crackers.

Wednesday, November 4th
Rest day. Temperature starting to go down, ate more crackers and a bar.

Thursday, November 5th
Rest day. Temperature still going down. Ate a lot more, but not because I wanted to!

Friday, November 6th
Rest day. Lost 8 lbs so far. Temperature finally normal! Ate better. Walked 15 minutes (very slow... it was tiring!) twice.

Saturday, November 7th
Rest day. Walked 1M twice. Feeling more energy, but still not much of an appetite.

Sunday, November 8th
Rest day. Walked 2M. Energy is back. Appetite is not back, but food is no longer gross!

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