Vacation Week for 2010!!!

Tomorrow morning Jake and I leave for Flagstaff, AZ! We'll stay with his good friend, Aaron, in Lubbock tomorrow night and finish the drive (10 more hours) on Tuesday. We rented a condo in Flagstaff for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights, and then Friday night we're going to be spontaneous and pick somewhere fun to stay on our way home!

All of that being said, this week is not going to be very well suited for me to continue easing into the cardio side of things. I won't have gym access so I will be limited to whatever core/pilates type work that I can come up in the condo. I think I will still be able to get in some good general body strength work though. Plus, if you do that stuff long enough and with little rest, you can always make it into somewhat of a cardio effort. I'll update you as I get the chance... but this will be my week to enjoy for this summer! :)

monday, june 7th
core and general body strength
20' bike
upper body weights

tuesday, june 8th
pilates and light core work
myrtl routine

wednesday, june 9th
general body strength for arms, legs, and core from You Are Your Own Gym by Mark Lauren (http://www.marklauren.com/):
4'30" ladders of push-ups, let-me-ins, seated dips, bicep curls, backward lunges, 1-legged RDL's, squats, supermans. no rest.

thursday, june 10th
2 mile walk at Buffalo Park Trail with random "challenge course" exercises every 200m or so.
(actually sore from yesterday's work!!)

friday, june 11th
general body strength from book:
4'30" ladders of push-ups, let-me-ins, seated dips, bicep curls, side lunges, 1-legged RDL's, squats with 2" pause at bottom, side crunches. no rest.

saturday, june 12th
general body strength from book:
2'30" constant work of bear crawl, crab walk, forward walking lunge, walking 1-legged RDL's, walking butt-kicks with 2" hold at butt, standing side leg lifts, mountain climbers, power walking. no rest.

sunday, june 13th
general body strength from book:
4'30" ladders of push-ups, bicep curls, seated dips, let-me-ins, back lunges, 1-legged RDL's, squats, swimmers. no rest.
15' stationary bike.

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