Almost there!!

God-willing, I will begin running on June 27th!!!! I'm going to swim and bike this week and start ellipitcalling and walking next week! I plan to continue doing these general body strength workouts, and I also plan on doing some yoga workouts on the days in between the strength days. Time to start getting serious! :)

Monday, June 14th:
*yoga workout.
*30' aqua jog.
All went well! And I met a 3' marathoner at the pool and she was so encouraging! She said that when I start back running, it may be sore for about 3 weeks but that everything is normal! And right now... nothing is even sore! :)
Average Pace- a blazing 8:27
Distance- a whopping 0.59 of a mile
Comments- extremely awkward and clumsy... but AMAZING!

Tuesday, June 15th:
*4'30" general strength ladders of push-ups, let-me-ins, seated dips, bicep curls, alternating side lunge, 1-legged RDL's, squat w/ 1" pause at bottom, side crunches.
*10' bike, 10' elliptical, 10' walk.
*sleepytime (pm).

Wednesday, June 16th:
*6 minute run.
Where- Jackson Middle School Track
Average Pace- 7:31
Distance Covered- 0.80 miles
Comments- I definitely still feel stiff and awkward, but it just feels so good to be moving on a track. Haha!
*30' aqua jog.
*yoga routine(pm).

Thursday, June 17th:
*4'30" general strength ladders of push-ups, let-me-ins, seated dips, lat bar, back lunges, 1-legged RDL's, squats, swimmers.
*15' bike, then 15' elliptical, then 10' walk.
*sleepytime (pm).

Friday, June 18th:
*yoga workout.
*7 minute run.
Where: Jackson Middle School Track.
Average Pace- 7:00
Distance- 1.00 miles
Comments- This was a weird run. My body felt so strange trying to run after getting all loose from yoga... something I've definitely never tried before! In saying that, it was hard to read myself. I felt like I was CRAWLING during the first 300 meters, so I decided not to worry about pace but to just focus on applying as many form "tips" as I could. Things such as picking up my knees, trying to lean forward some, pulling my navel to my spine, keeping my elbows in, pushing my feet off the ground as if they were rocks skipping on water, trying to stay low (ie. not get too vertical in my strides), etc. It actually kept my mind occupied and I think it made my run a little more smooth.
*30' aqua jog followed by 2x30" pedestal routine.

Saturday, June 19th:
*4'30" general strength ladders of push-ups, seated dips, let-me-ins, side lunges, 1-legged RDL's, squats with 2" pause at bottom. also added 3 leg strength exercises from a magazine.
*sleepytime (pm).

Sunday, June 20th:
*8 minute run with Jake!!
Where- Hull, Tx!
Average Pace- 8:01
Distance-1.01 miles
Comments- Felt amazing! Finally started a run easy enough for it to feel better as I got farther into it... I wanted to keep going so badly! Definitely still out of breath for these runs though!
*2 x 30" pedestal routine.
*myrtl routine.
travel/family day (taking Jake's parents to an Astro's game for Father's Day!)

Total mileage for the week: 3.4 miles.
Number of runs for the week: 4.

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