Couldn't be more thankful!!!

...To be healthy and running again!!!! :)

On the calendar for this week:

Monday, June 21st
*3 x 12 "push" strength exercises with push-ups, military press (hands elevated), close grip push-ups (hands elevated), and seated dips.
*20' bike, 20' elliptical, 10' walk.
early, early, early to bed tonight.

Tuesday, June 22nd
*10' run with Jake!
Where- Fish Creek Trail
Average pace- 8:08
Distance- 1.23 miles.
Comments- Felt good to the body, but still so out of breath! It's frustrating. But I'm so grateful to be healthy enough to run... I'll take the heavy breathing! Helps running with Jake... makes it easier for me to progress into the run. I like the gentle, rolling hills at Fish Creek.
*45' aquajog.
*2 x 30" pedestal routine.

*sleepytime (pm).

Wednesday, June 23rd
[started taking morning heart rate by hand before getting out of bed. i'll record it on here until i fall out of the habit. ;) today's was 58]
*3 x 12 "leg" strength exercises with bulgarian split squats, side lunges, squats with 3" pause at bottom, 1-legged RDL's on pillow.
*60' aquajog.
*2 x 30" pedestal routine with 5 leg lifts.
*handful of yoga stretches and foam rolling (pm).

Thursday, June 24th
[morning heart rate: 56]
*10' run with jake!!
Where- Fish Creek Trail
Average Pace- 7:40
Distance- 1.31 miles
Comments- Felt GREAT! I did several new dynamic stretches before we left the apartment and really warmed up my body well... it worked! My Garmin shows we were going about 7 minute pace for a good while on the way back... exciting! Tomorrow may be 8:40 pace, but I'm not going to take any of these days that I feel good on for granted!
*2 x 40" pedestal routine.
*45' aquajog.

*sleepytime (pm).

Friday, June 25th
[morning heart rate: 54]
*1.5 mile run by myself.
Where- grass track at DBU
Average Pace- 7:21
Total Time- 11:05
Comments- Still really hard for me to run by myself.... I'm just horrible at managing my pace right now... it all still feels kind of weird so I really have no clue what I'm running unless I look down at my watch. Good run though... no pains... enjoyed getting out (even though it was before the sun came up today! haha!)!
*3 x 12 "pull" strength exercises of let-me-ins, let-me-ups with knees bent, let-me-ins with palms down, towel curls.
*70' swim.

Saturday, June 26th

Sunday, June 27th
[morning heart rate: 52]
*1.5 (ish) mile run with Jake!
Where- Boulder Park Trails in Duncanville
Average Pace- ??? Not sure... the Garmins didn't work out there.
Total Time-13:45.
Comments- I LOVED running through trails. Lots of turns and quick, mini ups and and downs that distracted you from the run. The way out was a drag for Jake though... he had to take the brunt of the spiderwebs (thank you, Jake! :) love you!!). I think these trails will have to be a place where I run for time though. The Garmin was definitely not working out there, but I could easily get lost in those trails for a good out and back run!
*3 x 12 "core" strength exercises of double leg lifts, hyperextensions with hands under chin, russian twists, and swimmers.
*15' elliptical, 15' bike.
*yoga stretching routine.

Total mileage for the week: 5.54 miles.
Number of runs for the week: 4.

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