This is it!!! Christian Nationals are here!!

Sunday, May 1st
Rest day!

Monday, May 2nd
15' shakeout on the treadmill... Icky weather!!
6M run on the treadmill in 41:35, working down the pace throughout the run.
3x6 general strength + 25xAround the World core.

Tuesday, May 3rd
15' shakeout in the morning... definitely have sore muscles today?!
15' wu + 3x(800/300) + 10' cd. I've felt sick all day... earache/headache/fever sick. The workout wasn't bad, but for it to have been as short as it was I'm not sure I should be so tired right now? Times were 2:48, 57, 2:42, 56, 2:32, 52.

Wednesday, May 4th
2 x shakeout loop for a total of about 30' easy. I imagine I looked (or at least I felt) somewhat similar to a shuffling zombie...

Thursday, May 5th
15' shakeout before a long day of travel.
10' shakeout after arriving at the hotel (cut short from the planned 25' run due to bad storms).

Friday, May 6th
12' shakeout in the morning.
20' wu + 10k race at NCCAA's + 10' cd. 31:3X I think, but I am not positive. After about the halfway point I fell off pace and stopped fretting over it. Anytime Jake told my that my lead had narrowed by a second, I knew throw in a surge, but other than that I didn't run a PR effort race. Thankful for the health and opportunity to win such a meaningful race.

Saturday, May 7th
12' shakeout in the morning. Getting sick with a cold of some sort? Aka, feverish, green snot, and all the stuff that we look forward to in the WINTER... not May!!!
20' wu + 5k race. I have absolutely no clue what my time was. I felt terrible on the warm up, decided to just start and drop out after 800m, came through the 800 and realized I could score points for the team, decided to finish it out, and ended up placing 4th. Not a time or place to be proud of, but I'm glad I decided to finish. Now 3 full days of rest to complete my collegiate career.

Weekly Mileage: 39.

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